4 Reasons Why Traveling Alone Rocks

hikingJohn Steinbeck, the famous American author once said “people don’t take trips, trips take people.” Traveling alone is a wonderful experience that can have lasting benefits. Some of the world’s most breathtaking locations have been discovered by solo travelers. The joys of traveling alone far exceed anything you’ll ever experience while traveling with others. Holidays for single travelers offer the perfect opportunity to discover the world without having to organize your friends and family. There are many reasons why traveling alone rocks, some top ones include:

You’re Free

Solo travel gives you the opportunity to do as you please. When you travel with family or friends, you’re bound to make compromises. Every person wants to go their own way and this can lead to arguments. When you travel alone, you’re answerable to nobody; you make your own plans, and choose your own destinations. You can do whatever you want anytime you want. You can take a swim in the ocean at night or explore volcanoes at sunrise. What’s more, you can even change your plans on a last-minute notice. Solo travel gives you the opportunity to experience new places on a whole new level. When you have the freedom to do what you want while on holiday, you have an amazing, unique experience.

It’s Easy to Meet New People

When you travel in a group, people find it harder to approach you. You tend to look busy and occupied which makes it harder for people to strike up a conversation. This isn’t the case when you travel alone. You’re free to mingle as you want as you don’t have to spend time with specific people. You can sit next to new people in a restaurant, find new dance partners, and start conversations with new people.

Traveling solo is also an excellent opportunity to meet the locals. Whether you’re traveling to France or Africa, the locals usually know more about the area than you do. By interacting with them, you can get to experience the area in a totally different way than you would have if you were traveling in a group. When you get lost while traveling alone, you can stop to ask directions and make new friends. Solo travel makes you more aware of the activities and people around you. You can make connections that last for many years to come.

It Builds Your Confidence

Imagine driving around in a new city and not getting lost or finding your way around a busy city. Nothing feels as good as coming to the realization that you’re in a foreign part of the world yet coping just fine. Knowing you’ve accomplished this without any help is a deeply gratifying experience. When you travel alone, you are exposed to situations that help you to face your fears and build your confidence. You learn to master these situations and handle them better each time. If you can find your way around a foreign city and enjoy yourself without support from family and friends, then you can go for that difficult job interview and get the job.

If you’re shy and reserved, traveling alone can help you to talk more by opening up to other travelers or to the locals. Since you aren’t in a group, you can’t rely on other people to find out things for you. Traveling alone rocks because you get the feeling that you have accomplished something. It gives you the confidence you need to handle more difficult tasks that come your way. You’ll walk with your head high because you know that everything is possible if you try.

You Find Yourself

This is one excellent reason why traveling alone rocks. When you travel alone, you get to understand yourself in a way you didn’t know was possible. You may discover you enjoy sitting in a foreign coffee shop for long hours just watching people as they go about their daily activities or that you have the ability to pack many clothes into a small traveling bag. You’ll have an opportunity to discover the things you truly value and those you can do without.

Traveling alone is a great experience that everyone should try. It is a unique and rewarding way of traveling. You not only get the chance to find yourself, you make new friends, see new places, and have an unforgettable experience.

Guest Post Author Bio: My name is Kevin Watts and I am the creator of Graduating from Debt. I was like millions of recent college graduates in heavy debt with very little hope. With the right attitude and discipline I took control of my financial picture and now I can say proudly that I am debt free.


4 Reasons Why Traveling Alone Rocks — 28 Comments

  1. Kevin, this is a great post. My husband and I have completely revamped our lives to be together 24/7 which I know doesn’t work for many people, but I still think yours is a great idea. I have a friend who booked a room in a small town about five hours from Houston. She loved the weekend.

  2. Being able to make your own schedule is a huge perk of traveling alone! I highly recommend trying it out for those who haven’t, however, keep the trip short. A weekend, not a week. It can get a bit lonely at times.

    • That’s the biggest benefit I see of traveling is the feeling of independence. I agree it can get lonely sometimes but I tend to make friends easily on the road.

  3. When I left for college I drove for 24 hours on my own, and it was wonderful. I took stops where I wanted, I slept when I felt like it, it was just me and the open road. I might have to set aside some time for a solo travel trip.

  4. When I used to travel on business, I often traveled alone. I met a lot of interesting people along the way. Normally, I enjoy traveling with my wife and friends, but it can be isolating.

  5. I’ve only done it once completely alone – it wasn’t bad, but I found it a bit lonely. I liked best going on a tour and spending time by myself during the day – but having company for dinner etc!

  6. I traveled alone for a year after graduation and loved it. After that I have been on long trips with boyfriends but never felt like I learned and opened my eyes as much as alone. People will be shy and won’t talk to you as much if you are already your own little group.

    • Yes it’s way easier meeting new people when you are alone the reason being is that it forces you to talk to strangers and people are more open and willing to talk to you.

  7. Good points! Sometimes it’s necessary to travel alone if you want to see things in better perspective, though it would be best to travel to places where you could commune with nature and relax your mind and body instead of spending your day inside a hotel room.

  8. I’ve travelled along many times and it’s true you do feel free and you get that time to reflect on you. You think about all the things that get shoved to the back when you are worried about your busy life. I get to meet people and roam around checking things out on my own. I found it a great experience although now i’d like to take my wife to the many places I’ve visited all over the world.

    • Whenever I feel a little down a weekend trip somewhere alone helps me put things in perspective. It’s nice you have someone to accompany you on these trips now.

  9. This sounds like my very first solo trip to Europe when I was 29. It was scary as hell but all those things were true. I suddenly became more outgoing, met great people, built my confidence…the only thing I sometimes missed was having dinners with people to share that experience (although I met many people I dined with), and the fear of sometimes getting lost alone. Other than that it was great. I often to group tours now where I go by myself, but I’m still around other people, so I don’t have to worry about getting into squabbles with friends about what we are going to do.

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