Companies Running Buy One, Donate One Programs For Those in Need


Everyone loves to go shopping, but that often leads to horrific disasters like the one a few months ago in a Bangladesh garment factory. When we want the cheapest clothes possible, our buying decisions have a negative effect on those people manufacturing those products for us. On the flip side, sometimes even the most expensive … … Continue reading

Are You Making These Five Retirement Planning Mistakes?


We all make mistakes. However, some mistakes can impact us more than others. When you make mistakes with your retirement planning process, you could put your entire future at risk. As you save for retirement, here are Five planning mistakes to avoid. 1. Overestimating Returns Remember back when the rule of thumb was that you could expect 10% … … Continue reading

Wave Goodbye to Expensive Entertainment and Head Over to the Beach for Cheap Fun


Those of you who live near a beach have probably grown used to the sights and sounds of the ocean, but people living inland like myself are counting down the days until they can leave work or school behind and head for the sand. Coastal citizens often forget, though, that a beach is a haven … … Continue reading