Frugal Valentines Day Dates

iStock_000017057552XSmallValentine’s day is quickly approaching. Valentine’s day seems to be at the wrong time of year. It’s difficult to celebrate properly when you are still trying to recuperate your gift budget from Christmas.

Having a limited budget shouldn’t mean that you can’t celebrate the day of love, though. Some people go overboard for Valentine’s day, lavishing their partners in gifts, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, I’d argue that the better, more romantic days are the less expensive ones. Being romantic requires a lot of thought, but not a lot of money. Here are some great ways to show your partner that you love them on a budget:

Cook Dinner at Home

This may sound boring but there is something very romantic about a bottle of wine and a good, home cooked meal in front of the fireplace with your partner.

Cook your partner’s favorite meal, dip some fresh fruit in chocolate, and grab a bottle of their favorite wine.

This builds memories and doesn’t clutter their closets with more stuff that they don’t need. Just dim the lights and enjoy!

Go Ice Skating

One of my favorite Valentine’s day dates cost less than $5.

Family skating night is usually inexpensive (at my local rink, it’s $2.50/person, plus the cost of skate rentals), and it’s a great way to get out, be active, and show your partner a good time.

As life catches up with us and we get bogged down with work, familial responsibilities, holiday preparations and other demands, we sometimes forget to get out and try new things and let loose. It’s nice if Valentines day can be an opportunity to do that.

Most regions have skating rinks, and it’s also a nice way of enjoying the tail end of winter.

Get Hot Chocolate and Go For a Walk

This will work with things other than just hot chocolate. If you live in warmer climate, get some gelato and go for a walk on the beach. Pick your favorite park and spend some time getting to know the different trails. Watch the sunset from your favorite lookout.

Go To the Drive-in

If you have an old fashioned drive-in theater near you, this is a great way to spend a frugal Valentine’s day.

I pitch the drive-in instead of the traditional movie theater for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s cheaper
  • You can bring your own snacks, thereby saving you money
  • It’s less busy
  • Watching a movie under the stars is more romantic

Nobody likes to sit next to strangers while watching a movie they wanted to see, or pay $16 for a bag of popcorn. In the winter, the drive-in is less busy than in the summer, so you won’t have to deal with long lineups.

Grab a blanket and make some popcorn at home. Enjoy getting out and doing something together while still being able to be alone!

Stay at a B&B

If going away for Valentine’s day is on the agenda this year, try staying at a Bed and Breakfast instead of hotel.

B&Bs are substantially cheaper, and tend to have the charm and personality that hotels lack.

They are also usually much quieter, which is more conducive to a romantic evening with your significant other. Plus, breakfast is included. Frugal and fun!

Romantic Movie Marathon

Pick your favorite romantic movies and get them from Netflix. Have a marathon in the privacy of your own home, with some chocolate, wine and your partner. This is frugal and you don’t have to brave the Valentine’s day masses.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a nice Valentine’s day. It is, after all, all about love!


Frugal Valentines Day Dates — 7 Comments

  1. We typically don’t spend much. Sometimes he does buy me chocolates and I usually give him $10 to buy a Kindle book or something. We are so boring!

  2. I like these ideas – hadn’t thought of ice skating! Last year, we were on a special diet (no dairy and no gluten!) so we cooked at home, and watched a movie – it was great!

  3. Although we are not going away for Valentine’s Day, we did go away to a B & B for our birthdays. We enjoyed it so much, we are doing it a couple times a year. A couple hundred dollars and breakfast was so big we skipped lunch and only had a light dinner.

  4. You can always make romantic gestures for the price of a pack of post-it notes. Just leave romantic notes stuck all around the house, or in places in your partners daily routine. It’s cheap, different, and cute.

  5. We always do something small, but special for Valentine’s Day. A movie night at home with a chocolate fondue is my favourite!

  6. I would love to have a romantic movie marathon while munching on the chocolate cookies I specially baked. Sounds a great idea, right?

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