How To Lose Weight After The Holidays

Fat man holding a measurement tapeLosing weight and getting in shape has always been perceived as a difficult task, especially after the holidays. This is exactly why a bunch of people turn to infomercial products and diet pills to get back in shape. Fortunately, anyone can be healthy and fit through the help of proper dieting and exercise. There are many things you can do to lose the extra 10 pounds which you gained through the holidays. You will get toned and in shape in no time when you know what and what not to do, and the best part is that you will achieve a better body than you had before the holidays. I myself tend to always gain weight during the holidays, it is just a normal thing that happens to everyone. I however, am able to lose the weight after the holidays because I know how my body works. Learning how to work with your body will allow you to lose the extra weight you gained during the holidays.

Top Items That Will Help You Lose Weight After The Holidays


Although oatmeal is well known for being very healthy, if you eat it with unhealthy stuff like chocolate and cook it improperly (in the microwave), it will just cause you to gain more weight. Oatmeal has proven to help speed up the metabolism and eliminate the excess fats in the body, which is why it is highly recommended to add to your diet. The best time to eat oatmeal in the morning because of the fact that the metabolism is at its fastest in the morning.


Tuna is also very healthy and has proven to help people lose more weight than normal. Tuna contains various nutrients which has proven to help eliminate the body’s excess fats. Adding tuna to your diet has proven to help you lose more weight than normal.

Regardless of how healthy a certain food may be, if you still seem to eat huge portions, then you will still gain weight. Moderation is key especially when trying to lose the weight you gained during the holidays.


Squats are a very effective exercise which will benefit you greatly. By doing a couple Squats every other day, your core, thighs, and legs will really get toned. Squats happen to be one of the most effective exercises out there, because they show results quite quickly. By doing this exercise regularly, your hips will even increase in size. Squats has proven to exercise the entire body. It is recommended to do about 5 repetitions of 10 squats a day, and as you get stronger, simply add more reps to this exercise.


Since this workout is quite tiring to do, you will be able to lose so much weight by doing them. Burpees is a cardiovascular exercise which also let’s the body build up muscle. Remember, if you want to see completely demolish your plateau, you will need to really push yourself to the limit. You could do about 5 repetitions of 8 burpees regularly, and add more reps as you get stronger.

When it comes to exercise, it is important that try your best to not do the same workouts everyday, as it will cause the body to become immune to it. Change up your exercises regularly, and you will see more results faster.

So, what kinds of things have you done to trim up after the holidays?

Guest Post Author Bio: This post was written by Julian Ross, owner of  Julian wants to help people understand how to live healthier life.


How To Lose Weight After The Holidays — 32 Comments

  1. These are all great tips!
    I am currently trying to lose about 5 pounds. I let it get out of control eating too many pistachios over the holidays. I always lose weight best just by eating smaller portions for a while.

  2. I totally agree about the benefits of oatmeal. I have it every morning. It’s low calorie but it fills you up. A great start to the day!

  3. I try and do the 30-day shred over a couple of months just to start the year out a little more toned. I really don’t gain weight over the holidays (I don’t gorge myself over the holidays), but it’s still nice to start the year off with more motivation to stay in shape. Pounds seem to accumulate as you get older regardless of how “fit” you think you are. 😉

  4. Actually, the guest poster almost sounded like an infomercial! I never much got into “fad food’ type things. I think people need to keep their diet balanced and not stuff their faces and they’ll be okay. *shrug* I dunno though, I’m not an expert.

  5. Oh burpees are a joy! BTW mountain climbers are equally effective and just as torturous. I have a 10% rule. Just do 10% more in workouts, eat 10% less of “bad stuff”, and add 10% more of the “good stuff.” It keeps thing simple and not too overwhelming. One of the biggest mistakes people make is going extreme after the holidays, then they feel it’s too hard and quit.

    • I like that rule. I am going to remember that one. It is true, if you break things down into little chunks they are easier to deal with.

      People do go extreme over holidays. I don’t but I do have a few more luxuries than normal. I did exercise over the holidays though which I am proud of.

  6. I’m training on my own for the Spartan Race. Every day I receive a work out of the day tip. And several of the tips have burpees. They are no joke! 🙂 Burpees are a crazy workout…they really are a total body workout.

  7. I lost 35-40 lbs. 35 years ago and have kept it off. I substituted fatty or high calorie items with lower calorie healthy vegetables and fruits in my lunch and other meals. I particularly picked vegetables that were low calories but satisfying by filling me up and providing a lot of “chew” time. It worked for me!

  8. I gained 2 pounds over the holidays. I am doing WW and shortly I am going to get to goal so that it can be free!! You have to get to goal and then stay there for 6 weeks before they let you have it for free, then you have to show up only 2x a month to weigh. but the weekly meetings are key for me, I don’t know why. It keeps me on track. That will be less $$$ out and more to use towards budgeted items. WW is not budgeted. ;-(

  9. great tips on losing weight! People normally gain weight after the holiday so it is always good to come across good tips that can give you an idea of what you need to do. I particularly like the part about changing the type of exercise you do because the body ts immune to the type of exercise you continuously do.

  10. Love oatmeal with apples and recently found a steel cut oatmeal recipe I can make in my crockpot, score! So far I haven’t lost any weight this year, but I haven’t gained any either, so that’s good I suppose.

  11. Squats win hands down, they have made me go from flabby to toned to competing in a fitness competition in a matter of years I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

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