Why You Should Use A Heart Rate Monitor

iStock_000010355590XSmallStaying active and fit is a necessity for me, but I also find it important to make sure that my heart rate is on track while I am exercising. A friend of miner recommended that I purchase a heart rate monitor so I started doing my research. I found this fitness heart rate monitor and instantly liked the modern appearance of the monitor, unlike any other monitor that I have ever seen. It looked much like a sleek and futuristic-style watch, so I immediately thought it might be a good purchase. Aside from the appearance, this heart rate monitor comes equipped with a number of important features for people who, like me, enjoy working out and staying healthy. The heart rate number is clearly visible at all times, which is perfect for those who may not be able to see as well. The monitor also gives users the opportunity to set a targeted heart rate based on their exercise routine and their fitness plans. Another favorite feature of mine is the fact that the heart rate monitor summarizes my entire workout for me. I love being able to get a good idea of how much and how hard I have worked out. Purchasing this heart rate monitor was a great decision, especially since it is easy to use and it is durable.

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