Saving Money on Renovations


My partner and I have been house shopping lately, which has proven to be a very interesting endeavor. Of course, like all home buyers (particularly property virgins), we have a vision and don’t want to sacrifice what we want. That being said, we don’t have an unlimited budget. So, (surprise, surprise), we have to sacrifice some of our … … Continue reading

Reviewing The World’s Landfills – A Future Fictional Business Plan Excerpt


November 29, 2163 – Excerpt from business plan of Marina Stylus’s company ArchTrashOlogists, Inc. Background As far back as 1978 (Future Trends Which Will Influence Waste Disposal by Abel Wolman) Wolman noted that: “If it is true, as some insist, that solid waste may be a resource disguised as a nuisance, then supplementary aids for its successful continuous recovery … … Continue reading

Are You Financially Ready For Kids?

laughing baby playing with mother

Children. They are miracles, they are blessings and something else that they are is very expensive. According to an article that was published on Investment News last June, it costs approximately $235,000 to raise a child and that’s not even counting their college tuition! So, if you’re someone who is contemplating having a child, it is … … Continue reading