Energy-Saving Software For An Eco-Friendly Office

Environmentally conscious business owners are finding all kinds of ways to cut down on energy consumption in the workplace. Many use natural lighting as much as possible, going so far as to create an entirely open floor plan so that every employee can turn off their electric bulbs and work by way of that giant … … Continue reading

Should You Invest In Renovations Or Purchase A New Home?

At one point or another, every homeowner eventually decides they want to either add something to their home, or renovate it one way or another. For a permanently-established residence, this can be one thing. But if your family might very well move out in five to ten years anyway, then the question becomes a different … … Continue reading

4 Tips For The Beginning Dividend Investor

One of the more interesting ways to get involved with investing, and with creating an income portfolio, is to make use of dividend stocks. Dividend investing can, over time, provide you with regular passive income. However, it’s important to be careful as a beginner. In many cases, putting together a dividend portfolio means stock picking at … … Continue reading