10 Fun Dates That Won’t Break The Bank

Dating can be expensive. In today’s economy, inflation is quite high, and prices are rising quickly. As a result, going out several times a week can add up to a pretty penny and leave you with no savings. Good thing you can still have a fun time during a date without spending too much cash. All you need to do is to think outside the box. Here are ten suggestions on how to a have fun date without going broke.

1. Go On A Picnic

The park is a lovely place to go to. In the springtime, the grass is a lovely shade of green and flowers are blooming everywhere. Fall is also a great time to visit the park when the leaves are all shades of red and gold. Having picnics at the park is romantic and easy to do. All you need is a blanket and some food. It can be even cheaper if you make the food yourself, and since picnic food is easy to do, you should give it a try. Bring a book of romantic poems to read aloud while relaxing together in the shade.

2. Attend A Free Concert

Many towns offer the occasional free concert or event. These are usually held during the warm summer months when there is little chance of rain. Free concerts are also held during town celebrations and other special occasions. Taking your date out to listen some to some great tunes is a great way to spend the evening.

3. Go Out During Happy Hour

Bars and restaurants have lots of good deals during happy hour. This usually occurs between 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and before the dinner rush. Two-for-one drinks, free appetizers, and discounted liquor are some examples of what you might find during happy hour.

4. Spend Time At A Museum Or Art Gallery

If your date likes art or history, chances are visiting museums and galleries would be an enjoyable time. While they do charge an entrance fee, it is usually a minimal amount. You should always check the museum’s website because many of them will have nights where you can get in for free.

5. Sunbathe At The Beach

Going to a public beach is a fun way to enjoy a warm summer day. You can sunbathe and swim for next to nothing. Just pack up some drinks and food in the cooler and you are ready to go. Alternatively, go to the liquor store and buy a bottle of wine. You can drink it at the beach as you watch the beautiful sun setting over the horizon.

6. Play Tourist

Just like any typical local, you probably haven’t been to all the touristy spots your city has to offer. After all, you can always visit them anytime. Check out your city’s visitor center or tourism office. Chances are they have maps for walking tours. It’s free, and you get some good exercise to boot!

7. Volunteer For A Good Cause

Show your date that you care for social causes. Invite them out to volunteer at a local charity for the day. Pick an activity that you will both enjoy such as building a house or serving at the soup kitchen. Not only will you be helping the less fortunate, but being charitable might score you some points with your date.

8. Have A Movie Marathon At Home

Watching a movie from Netflix is definitely cheaper than springing for movie tickets. You don’t have to spend anything if you already own a collection of DVDs. You can just spend the afternoon watching some of your favorite movies, snuggling in a cozy blanket and munching on some popcorn.

9. Go On A Hike

Hiking the great outdoors is a fun way to spend the day relaxing and getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  You get to breathe in fresh mountain air and enjoy the flora and fauna around you. Just make sure that you check the weather and bring some provisions. Getting lost and running out of drinking water will not make for a fun date.

10. Buy A Coupon For The Five-Star Date

Discount websites are all the rage right now. If you look often and hard enough, you can score that perfect special occasion date for half the price. Discount websites offer coupons for all sorts of experiences, from gourmet dinners at fine dining restaurants to weekend getaways at lovely bed and breakfasts. Your date will definitely appreciate you money management skills.

What other cheap but fun dates can you suggest?


10 Fun Dates That Won’t Break The Bank — 17 Comments

  1. I like just hanging out at home and making dinner. My wife has a knack for finding Groupons for resturants. Walking on the beach before sunset is great and bringing a little picnic.

  2. We have a movie theater here in Pittsburgh that plays slightly aged movies (6+ months old) for $1 admission per person all day. If you can pass on the salty treats for sale it makes an ultra cheap night out.

  3. We’ve done all of these except volunteer together (and the beach has to be a vacation. :)) We should try that one out. When we played tourist the boyfriend got all embarrassed…next time we’ll have to do it in a neighborhood that isn’t his home turf haha.

    I’ve been to that theater Mike’s talking about in West Mifflin/Pittsburgh. It’s amazing for the price. (Sticky floors, but for $1 who can complain?) But one of their workers called me a *itch once and management didn’t care, so I’ve never been back.

  4. I love picnics! We also have movie marathons at home far more often than I care to admit.

    I do wish we lived in a city with more free entertainment. Better weather wold also help – more free events are being held in recent years but last summer it rained almost every day!

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