How To Be a Frugal Family

Being frugal these days is very important. With the skyrocketing prices of everything and the worsening inflation, saving money and spending wisely are vital to be able to live comfortably. It is not easy to be frugal and save money when you have a family that splurges and squanders. Being frugal is a family affair. It should be exercised by each member of the family or else the money that you save by your frugal ways will just be wasted by another member of the family on something that is not essential.

Inform The Whole Family About Your Plans

Tell them about your intentions of wanting to save. Cooperation is an important key to successful budgeting. You have to include even your kids in the discussion, and it’s good to teach them early about the value of saving and spending wisely.

Examine Your Budget and Look For Loopholes

Loopholes are those unnecessary expenses that are a waste of funds. Examine your groceries if there are items that you do not actually need. Plug those loopholes buy buying only those things that you truly need and use. Eliminate from your grocery list the “can-do-withouts”

Avoid Wastage

After examining and controlling your urge to buy the things you do not need, use the necessities wisely. Avoid wasting energy, water, gas, food and the like. You can save money too by doing things together. For example, if your individual activities require illumination or light, you can stay together in one room and turn-off the lights in other parts of the house.

Tone Down Your Entertainment Expenses

Spending quality time with your family doesn’t have to be expensive. Limit eating out and the activities that are outside your budget such as expensive movies and far away vacations. If you want to take some vacation time with the family, choose a location that is affordable. During weekends and family days, you can set-up some fun activities at home to lessen the expenses. You can rent a movie, turn-off the lights, grab a bowl of popcorn, and enjoy it with the family. It is not the location that matters but the company.

Practice Wise Spending

You can do this by surveying for places with lower prices. Patronize stores and establishments that sell cheap and quality items.

Avoid Over-Usage

When people go to the grocery store, some of them have the discipline to buy just what they need, and they can avoid buying the things that are just luxuries or on the bottom of their lists. They tend to buy just the stuff they need. Yet, some of these individuals overbuy the things that they need. Buying in bulk does not mean buying more than the amount you need. This can cause wastage, and this can be a loophole in your budget as well. This is specifically applicable to perishable items. Food items like fresh produce or food items that expire easily should not be bought in bulk or you will find them thrown into the trash before they can be consumed. The unused or unconsumed items thrown in the trash equals money down the drain.

Creating a Budget is Easy. Sticking With it is The Hard Part.

It is important that every member of the family participate in practicing frugality. It will be hard if only one member squanders or wastes resources. Frugality may be hard at first but over time, it can become a habit. The positive effects of this good practice will be enjoyed by not just you but by every member of the family. If you scrimp and save together, you will reap the rewards together.

What kind of loopholes exist in your family budget? What steps can you take to prevent wasted expenses?


How To Be a Frugal Family — 13 Comments

  1. Great tips. I think that a key to being frugal is understanding that you have choices to make with your money and making wise choices can help you immensely right now and also for the future. I agree that sticking to the budget is the hard part, because anyone can write numbers down on a sheet of paper. Once you establish it though, you have to be committed to living a disciplined life which will help you reach your goals…which is difficult for all of us at various times.

  2. If an entire family can come together and be on the same page in terms of goals then things are going to work a lot more smoothly. There will be less waste and less unwise spending.

  3. I have to agree that a budget makes all the difference. I always say it’s OK to overspend as long as it’s a conscious overspend. For example, if you know you’re overspending and decide to continue doing it then you have nobody to blame but yourself, but most people don’t even know why they can’t balance their money!

  4. This morning I had an early appt. I dropped of my daughter and had an hour to kill still. So I decided to go to the mall and even though the stores aren’t open the mall is. I was surprised to see all the “mall walkers” in there just walking! Anyway, I found a nice place to sit and read my iPhone. But what I didn’t do, was shop, go eat, waste money! I dont’ know if I can be a mall walker because that is asking for trouble, too much temptations, but… I was a mall sitter and that was fine. Glad to not spend anything this morning!

      • I actually think its a great idea for older folks to walk in the mall, that way if there is an accident they can get helped sooner. Hopefully, when I get that age, I will have learned out to live within my means! And the mall won’t be as tempting or depressing (cause I ain’t got no money) as it is now! 😉

  5. Definitely a good point! If you’re always scraping for coupons and making sure to buy groceries on sale, but your spouse isn’t then what’s the point? haha I’ve trained my gf well though by now.

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