A Perfect Alpine Getaway

If you’re looking to minimise your impact on the environment during your holiday, one possible option could be to consider spending some time in the idyllic Kitzbuhler Alps. Compare Niederau holidays to jetting off somewhere further afield and you might be pleasantly surprised at just how eco-friendly your entire stay could be.

Located at one end of the glorious Wildschonau (‘wild and beautiful’) valley of the Austrian Tyrol, Niederau serves as an excellent base from which to set out to investigate its picture-perfect alpine surroundings. The village itself contains a traditional church as well as a number of well-kept bars, cafes and restaurants, which do a good job at catering for its constant turnover of visitors. Facilities are typical of other resorts in the area such as the nearby villages of Oberau and Thierbach, and buildings tend to be of a typically picturesque, chalet-like design.

The resort is very popular during the winter months as it offers excellent facilities for activities such as skiing, snowboarding and various other winter sports. Visitors during the summer are equally well catered for though, with an impressive range of distractions including paragliding, hiking and mountain biking being offered by various operators.

Whilst many of these activities produce little or no impact on the region’s indigenous flora and fauna, where Niederau truly excels is in the provision of its well maintained, excellently sign-posted paths and walkways. These allow visitors to the area to simply spend time drinking in the wonders of the surrounding environment, interfering as little as possible in the delicate balance of the surrounding eco-systems.

Taking the cable car which runs from the centre of the village to the top of the Markbachjoch mountain can be a good way to get your bearings. The many paths that snake outwards from this stunning vantage point are, as mentioned previously, extremely well maintained and easy to follow, although you will want to ensure you have appropriate footwear and provisions for the journey.

One of the most rewarding excursions you can undertake during your visit is the aptly named ‘Walk of Contemplation’. This gently meandering route threads its way towards the neighbouring village of Oberau and back again and is punctuated by several sculptures created by artist Hubert Florl, which are designed to inspire the viewer to consider their relationship to the rest of creation. Situated at key points along the walk, they provide an interesting addition to what is already a very special environment.

To look at Niederau holidays in relation to other holidays you may have taken before would be to do this charming, unique region an injustice. It is an area of overwhelming natural beauty and by spending time amongst its lush valleys and rolling alpine landscape, you will certainly come to appreciate that for yourself. Compare Niederau holidays with Inghams or search online for other providers.

So, have you ever been to the Alps?


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