5 Signs That You Need a Change

Change is something that most people struggle with, myself included. It’s scary because when something changes, we are entering into the unknown. We inherently tend to bristle in the face of change as humans, as we are creatures of habit. We prefer do to the things that we know instead of learn something new and start over.

But sometimes change is extremely good, and we need to recognize that sometimes we need a change to keep things fresh, interesting, or even to keep our creative juices flowing. Change can be tumultuous but so can staleness, especially if the change needs to happen and the way things are at the moment affect your life as a whole.

Here are some things that come about that indicate that you may need to change something up.

You Find Yourself Bored

If you are finding yourself bored with something, whether it be life, your job, your living arrangements, or your partner, it’s likely that it needs a change.

How big of a change is something that isn’t defined, but boredom is the first sign of needing to switch things up. Perhaps just redecorating your house, rearranging furniture or painting the walls will help. Maybe asking to take on a project at work to keep you interested.

You See the Glass as Half Empty

Negativity is bad for many aspects of your life, including your physical health, and it can affect other parts of your life as well. Nobody really wants to be around somebody who is always complaining, or whining, or even just making sarcastic and negative jokes.

Sometimes it’s difficult to notice a pattern in yourself, because being negative has become so comfortable that it’s not even noteworthy. But if you reflect back on how you’ve handled situations over the past little while, and your reflection turns up a little less positive than you’d like, perhaps you need to change things up.

You’re Not Motivated

If you are not motivated to do the things that you were previously motivated to do, then it sounds like you need to change direction.

Look at why you are no longer motivated. Is it that you aren’t interested in what you were doing before? Have the things that you were motivated to do become cumbersome and hard to handle? Are you bored with your new project?

Change can refresh and motivate even the least motivated of people.

You’re Making More Mistakes

Mistakes happen every once in awhile to even the most expert and well taught people. However, if you find yourself making mistakes on things that you are supposed to know really well, it’s possible that the thing is becoming a little routine and you need to make a change. When you know something really well, sometimes you get comfortable and stop double checking for errors.

Changing it up will help you challenge yourself. Challenging yourself is good, and while you are likely to make a whole slew of other mistakes when you change it up, at least you will be able to learn from the mistakes.

You Are Envious

We all get a little jealous of the ultra-successful sometimes, but those who are constantly battling the green eyed monster may not be as happy with their own lives as they should be.

It is important to challenge yourself to sustain happiness in your life; humans have a lot of potential and if you aren’t living up to yours, you may not be satisfied.

This can lead to jealousy and discontent. Make a change for a more level head. Ask yourself why you are jealous of your target’s life. What aspects would you like to have in yours? Make a change to reflect that.

Change can be an extremely positive experience, but it can be difficult for us to really understand when it needs to happen, and how to make it happen. If any of these things are plaguing your life, it’s a good indication that something needs to change.

So, have you ever felt this way? What did you do to make a change?


5 Signs That You Need a Change — 9 Comments

  1. I think the big ones you mentioned are seeing the glass as half empty or feeling envious. Those seem to be huge signs that something needs to change, but strangely enough people often don’t take them that way.

  2. Great point on not feeling motivated. I have found at times, that when I am not being challenged, that it’s high time for some change. That feeling of not being challenged, or motivated can lead to complacency which will get you nowhere.

  3. I have found myself this way and I usually try and take a step back for a day. I will do something else to take my mind off of boredom.

  4. I think everybody can relate to these feelings at one time or another. For me, the key has always been to take time to think about things for a while. I have a tendancy to get bored easily, so I need to slow down and really think about things before making any big changes. If I feel the same way over an extended period of time, then I know I need a change.

  5. Daisy, I like this! Having said that, I would like to mention that although these points do usually mean that something has to change the change can be very different. Ecample: a) if you are bored it is likely there is not enough stimulation in your environment so change it; b) if you are not motivated you probably need to work on your motivation rather than your environment. What do you think?

  6. This is pretty much how I felt before I left my job in April. I was working hard, motivated to go up the ladder, had an interestingness job. Bt there was an emptiness. I kept asking myself if I was doing what I really wanted to do in my life. I knew what I wanted to do but that also meant I won’t make money for the rest of my life. That desire for money and the control I wanted to have over my life was the most difficult for me to let go before I made the jump. I am much happy now, I am still not there yet but def. in the right path at least.

    • I am glad you made the leap Suba. In the end you will be so much better off. I am still trying to find that true passion. I have those feelings of emptiness but I am not quite sure what the answer is yet. Once I figure it out I can only hope I will have the strength to make the change.

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