Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Review

Since my sister in law discovered Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, this is the only carpet cleaning services she uses. She has recommended the service to two of her neighbors, and they have been very happy as well.

When she moved into her house, her husband and her were considering buying new carpets. After fixing up other areas of the house, they realized they just did not have the money in their budget for brand new carpet in all of the living areas. They did not know how successful carpet cleaning would be on these old carpets, but they thought it was worth a try. They have three dogs, so they worried about how the carpet cleaning would affect them. Several of the companies that they contacted used powerful commercial cleaners. She knew that she did not want her pets rolling around on carpets that were filled with chemicals.

She was almost ready to give up her search when she discovered Green Choice Carpet Cleaning. This service quickly moved to the top of my list because she used all natural and organic cleaning products. This made her feel more comfortable about using these cleaners around her family and pets. She was pleasantly surprised by the reasonable rates offered by Green Choice Carpet Cleaning. She thought that the prices were great for natural rug cleaning. She was also impressed by the professionalism of the employee that performed our cleaning.  They really took their time completing the job, and they were glad to answer all of their questions.

So, if you are looking for carpet cleaners, you might want to give Green Choice a try.


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  1. It’s great that nowadays people are becoming a little more conscious about the materials used by carpet cleaners. With so many toxic type chemicals be used historically it’s certainly a step forward to see a lot more natural ingredients being used to clean carpets.

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