From Trash To Teasure

Global warming, climate change, pollution, trash… all of these things are scary realities that we try to avoid. Inflation, bankruptcy, low income, high expenses are non-environmental realities, but they are just as scary.

One solution can help ease both of these problems at the same time. Earning from trash through recycling is a great way to earn some extra cash and help save the environment at the same time. Excess trash has been a common problem of all societies for decades, and recycling is a way to transform trash into something useful.

Selling recycled items may not seem profitable at first glance, but it will eventually help ease some of your financial burdens.


TVs, mobile phones, computer paraphernalia, laptops, cameras and other gadgets can be sold as used or even broken. Many people have old electronics lying around the house that are deemed useless, but they can be a good source of extra cash.

Numerous websites are dedicated to buying these used electronics. Old electronics that are still in working condition can be sold, and the price will vary depending on its condition and kind. Broken electronics can also be sold but often for a lesser price. Still, considering that it is just lying around the house gathering dust, selling it even for a small amount is much better.

Paper, Cans, Cardboard and Bottles

Paper, cans and bottles are everyday items that you might be recycling already. However, you might not know that there are ways to earn while recycling them. A website called Recyclebank pays out coupons for recycling these items. If you are in an area covered by Recyclebank, you may obtain a bin from the company where you can place your recyclable items. These bins have a computer chip in them that monitors the weight of the items you place inside the bin. The weight corresponds to points which you can be monitored online. The points can then be converted to grocery or pharmacy coupons.

In some cities, you can take aluminum (and other metals, like copper) or glass to your local recycling plant. They will weigh what you bring them and pay you for your trash.

Ink Cartridges

An inspiring recycling story comes from a women named Lauren Elward. She established a company that sells recycled and refurbished old printer cartridges. Her company that started out as a way to earn additional income, grew into a big family business. Her company has teamed up with another company called Recycle for Life. Recycle for Life is the company that buys your old ink cartridges. You can sell them for cash or for a donation to your favorite charity. The company is not limited to buying ink cartridges. It buys many other used or broken items like RAM memory, hard drives, flash drive and game consoles.

Aluminum Cans

One of the most popular items that people recycle is aluminum cans like beer or soda cans. They are not worth much when sold one by one, but they can be worth something if sold by the bulk. Many households and even schools and offices have recycling bins for aluminum can recycling. Some individuals even go to the extent of collecting cans from public places like picnic grounds and parks to sell them for cash.

In Conclusion…

There are numerous ways we can fight inflation and the looming financial crisis and even more numerous ways in which we can fight pollution and the destruction of the environment, and we can even fight both at the same. We all have a social responsibility to protect the environment, and we all need to supply for our basic needs. The modern society, with new inventions and technology, is always adding new expenses and new pollutants. The more items we use, the more trash and expenses that are created.

Instead of throwing away used items, why not consider recycling and/or selling them to get some extra cash and help the environment the same time?.

Do you and your family recycle? What do you recycle and how?


From Trash To Teasure — 4 Comments

  1. These are all very good suggestions. The Recyclebank service, in particular, looks promising. Another way to make/save money by trash (whether yours or another’s), is by using it as building material. I use waste wood and furniture that others have thrown out to build new furniture for us. I’ve also sold a few pieces. It does take some skill and some work, so the profits/savings aren’t as instant as the options you discuss in the post.

  2. We are pretty anal when it comes to recycling. We recycle everything we can: glass, tin, aluminum, paper, cardboard, chip board, and plastic. We even recycle electronics, although not for money in return.

    The only thing we’ve failed to recycle are the ink cartridges. I may have to look into that to help make sure we lessen our footprint on the planet.

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