5 Ways The Library Can Help You Save Money

Your local library is a wonderful resource when it comes to saving money, and it is one that many people do not even know about. Take the time, now, to Google your local library if you do not know where it is already. If you have just found your library or if you haven’t visited yours in a while, you should schedule some time to visit. Many local libraries offer all of their services for free or for a small fee. Generally, all you have to do is sign up for a library card. Once you have your card, you will have access to the wealth of resources that your library possesses.


Nearly everyone thinks of books when they think of a library, and even if your library does not offer a lot of extra services, it will most certainly have books. Instead of buying books from a bookstore, you should always check your local library to see if they have them first. You can generally keep the book for a few weeks before having to return them, and many libraries allow you to renew the books once or twice online before you have to bring them back to the library. Some libraries even offer Kindle editions.


Nearly all libraries feature computers with internet access. If you rarely use your internet at home, you might want to consider using the library’s internet for free instead. For example, if you only check your email once a week (or if you primarily use your smart phone), you can definitely save money by cancelling your home internet services and using the library’s instead.


In addition to books, many libraries offer DVDs. You can check them out just like books for free. By using library DVDs, you can cut back on your RedBox use, and you might even consider cancelling your cable subscription or your internet television provider. For example, if you have Netflix, you might be able to stop receiving Netflix DVDs. They offer a streaming only service, which is cheaper than their combined DVD and streaming service.


Libraries often offer free entertainment options, especially for children. For example, your local library might have a weekly reading program where a volunteer reads a short book for children. They might offer art classes or something similar. Many of these entertainment options are inexpensive or free, and they are good way to save money, especially in the summer when your kids are looking for something to do.


Many libraries offer educational resources for adults and children. For example, your library might have a basic computer skills class for adults or seniors who are not very familiar with computers. Some libraries have classes on how to write college applications, and some even help students find scholarships and grants for college.

The best way to find out what money saving resources your local library offers is to call them or visit their website (if they have one). Even small libraries can help you save money.

Do you have a library card? If so, how has your library helped you to save money? 


5 Ways The Library Can Help You Save Money — 19 Comments

  1. We are big time users of our local library. They also have CDs which we use to get music as well, and now you can download music and eBooks, which makes it all the more appealing.

    • That’s a good reason to go to the library. For rental properties, there are a ton of resources online, but the best way to learn is via experience. FYI, you make your money when buying not selling.

  2. I love using the library. While there might be a wait for books its a lot cheaper than buying them. Like you said a lot of them are now offering books on e-readers.

  3. I have a library card and reserve books all the time. Recently, I received a Kindle for Father’s Day. I use the library for books and ebooks too. At one time, I even used it for audiobooks, videos and internet access.

    • You get a killer deal by using the library for audiobooks. Audiobooks can be consumed quickly and they are very expensive to buy. Good use of the kindle and free resources (well relatively free)

  4. I borrow books regularly from the local library. I’ve made some good friends at the library, so they even send me an email when a new finance book arrives. I simply love reading books from my local library. It’s my favorite place.

  5. I’ve definitely used my library for all of the above! Probably one of the most underused resources any community offers. Our fam is always enrolled in the summer reading programs on top of all the other stuff.

  6. I completely agree that libraries are absolutely wonderful centeres of community life; and visiting is not only a pleasure but also saves money. It is a pitty that in the UK one of the consequences of the austerity measures so many agree with is that a number of libraries were closed.

  7. I love our local library! Besides checking out books for me, I check out books for my daughter to look at (she’s 2). They also have story time there for toddlers and preschoolers a couple of times a week, which is great!

  8. My local library is brilliant, it even offers the venue for weddings. It’s a great old building with beautiful architecture.

    The resources available at the local library mean research is free whereas it would cost thousands otherwise.

    Save the library is a valuable message!

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