Save Money on Hair Care

Hair can be a big money suck, especially if you have long or sensitive tresses. I have fairly long hair, and I’m blonde. Naturally. Now, if you’re not blonde, you may not know what naturally blonde hair entails. In short, the plight of naturally blonde hair is as follows: Fine Thin Sensitive Easily broken Full of static In addition to these lovely qualities, blonde … … Continue reading

How to Save Cash and Your Health With a Garden

There really is nothing like the experience of eating something that you have just picked fresh from your own garden. Trust me! More and more people like myself are returning to the joy of growing vegetables, herbs and even eggs right in their own backyards. Fifty years ago, this was the norm; almost every backyard had … … Continue reading

Maybe I Should Save Money and Blog Less?

Most hazard lights on your dashboard can be ignored for a while. For example, the important-sounding “service engine soon” light, which invokes the imagery of an exploding car engine (but can be triggered simply by screwing the gas tank cap on wrong). However, the mischievous battery light is not one of those lights. It’s tempting to … … Continue reading