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TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday) an acclamation we often use to welcome the coming weekend. It is especially used by people in the workforce who had a rather tiring or stressful week. With the high stress level and huge workloads, how do companies keep their valued employees coming to work? Nowadays, it takes more than a large salary, allowances and the usual benefits like medical and retirement. Monetary compensation seems to be not enough anymore.

More and more, large companies are making the offices more convenient, providing for the immediate needs of the employees. They are trying to make the workplace more pleasant and relaxing by adding office perks. These are designed to entice employees to show up for work and even make them stay there for long hours.

Office perks are added benefits that employees get to use and enjoy while they are at work, and some office perks help employees make every day errands easy and within their reach.

Don’t You Wish Your Office Had…

Personal Grooming and Healthcare

Some offices have constructed gyms inside of their office buildings for the exclusive use of their employees. Instead of going to a barber or hair salon, Google employees can get a haircut inside their office. Aside from these two, some offices have free services for their employees’ healthcare like yoga classes, in-house doctors and nutritionists.

Laundry Services

One of the office perks that helps employees cut the time that they spend running errands is having included laundry and dry cleaning services.

Gourmet Food

Now who would work well on an empty stomach or worse, work with lousy cafeteria food? Modern companies today serve gourmet food or have other healthy options. They believe that this can increase productivity by keeping the employees inside the work premises instead of ditching cafeteria food and going someplace to eat. This idea minimizes the chance  employees will come back late from lunches and snacks.

Pet-friendly Environment

Some companies today allow pets inside the office premises. They allow their employees to bring their pets to work as long as the pets can behave and will not cause disturbance in the workplace.


Now, employees with kids can take their children to work and drop them off at the office’s daycare. No more worrying about who will take care of their kids when they are at work. Plus, employees can even check up on them anytime of the day. Some office daycares have webcams installed in the daycare area so that parents can see their child through the computer without having to leave their desks.

Or What About…

Game Rooms

Can anyone really have fun or relax while at work? Some employers create places where their employees can unwind and regenerate their tired minds and bodies. Game rooms are one example of this, and many offices are creating them. Equipped with the usual pool tables, foosball, video games and many others, workers can surely unwind and recharge their minds with these fun games. Some big offices even have swimming pools where employees can take a dip anytime of the day.

Quick Naps

Amazingly, quiet rooms are also available where a worker can take a nap, relax or unwind with the sound of soft music or just spend some quiet time to think. A gadget called Metronap Energy Pod, made famous by the Google office, is now being installed in offices. It is a cozy chair where one can have powernaps while being lulled to sleep by relaxing sounds.


Companies like Samsung and Intel have massage chairs available for employees and even have in-house masseuse.

With these amazing perks, the more suitable question perhaps is, will the employees ever get their tasks done? Will they not just waste the day away taking advantage of these free perks? How can productivity be achieved if precious office hours are spent on leisure activities instead of getting the job done? The question may boggle any individual who does not own these successful companies. But over the years, these perks seem to work for them and their profits show it. The employees, on the other hand, work much better and are healthier because they are less stressed and happy with their work environment.

Wouldn’t you rather work for a company who caters to your personal needs and not just your professional growth?


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  1. One thing I’ve always enjoyed throughout my Radio career are the perks- tickets to concerts, sporting events & amusement/water parks; endorsement deals; food & gas trade; station owned boat to take out on the lake; etc.

    Just those few perks save me several thousand dollars every year.

  2. My “perk” story: At my first post-college job, my officemate Mike and I were happily surprised late one workday when the manager of our entire division appeared in our office, dropped a six-pack of bottled adult beverages on my desk, and asked simply: “Drink beer?” That marked “the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” 🙂

  3. Since I don’t work in an office, some of these things don’t really make sense for me. But it would be cool if I could bring our family dog to job sites. WEll, the less-dangerous job sites. It would be awesome and I bet she’d love to come around with me all day. I bet my road rage would lessen if my dog was in the car with me, head hanging out the window barking and having her ears flap in the wind!

  4. You missed an important one that I think most offices should include. And that is either a free gym membership or an on-site exercise room. Exercise boosts productivity and general health, so it’s a win-win all around.

  5. I love this! I just accepted an offer for a new company that has an on-site gym/shower facility that’s free, a fully-loaded cafeteria (the food looked great each time I visited for an interview!), a fully-stocked, free snack area in the actual office (including a variety of healthy snacks like popcorn, fruit & veggies), and a variety of other perks.

    I hate to say it, but I firmly believe it’s because there’s a female CEO at the helm….hehehe 🙂

  6. I love perks, but the one thing about them is that in my experience companies often take them away over time. Because these are not written into your contract, they can remove them whenever they want – effectively giving you a pay cut. It seems that it is very tempting fdor most companies to do this when they want to try and be “more competitive”.

  7. Those are some great perks. I don’t think anybody would be uncomfortable with having access to just one of those office advantages. They not only create more productive employees, but also improve customer service, and thus make companies far more profitable.

  8. I think it is really cool but I don’t know if I would just end up at work longer. It seems most of the places that offer these perks do so because people spend so much time at work. I did always want to work for The Motley Fool when I lived in DC. If you check out their recruiting/hiring page it is showcases their awesome benefits and things they have at their workplace.

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