Delayed Gratification: A Strategy to Curb Over-Spending and Secure A Sound Financial Future

We are all guilty of making decisions that aren’t in our best interest; it’s just human nature, I guess. So it figures that we also make decisions around money that impact negatively on our financial security. The consumerism of the current financial climate drives us to acquire more and more ‘stuff’, whether we really need it … … Continue reading

Managing the Third Shift: Are You Making Time for Yourself?

After a long day filled with projects, meetings, and deadlines at the office, you race home in time to put dinner on the table, help your children with their homework, and squeeze in a few loads of laundry. As you tuck your children in for the night after a few bedtime stories and slip back … … Continue reading

Reader Question: How Much Money Do I Need To Buy My First Home?

This week I received a question from a reader asking how much to save up before buying a house. Here is Alicia’s question: How much money do my husband and I have to save up before buying our first home? Thank you for asking such an important question Alicia. This is a question many people should ask … … Continue reading