How to Ace a Job Interview

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Every member of the workforce, from clerical to executive, a newbie or an old-timer, has gone through the unavoidable process of a job interview. It is the process where the most suitable individual for the job is chosen. It is important for companies to gauge the capabilities of an applicant to do the job well. This is the time when first impressions are really important. Interviews may be grueling and nerve-wracking for many, but this does not have to be the case. With ample preparation, any applicant like you can ace this process and in the end get the job of their dreams.

Before the interview:

Preparations are very important so as to make a good first impression. You should be physically, and mentally ready before going through the interview.

Be Physically Prepared

To be prepared physically, you should start to consider the appropriate attire to wear. Wearing the right kind of clothes can exude a respectable aura. It is imperative that the clothes you wear are clean and tidy. It is advisable to keep it simple with no loud colors or design. You can also wear a tie and a belt to look even more professional.

Good hygiene is also key. It is important to keep you teeth clean and the breath fresh. You can use breath mints but never chew gum. Your nails should be neat and trimmed. Do not use strong cologne or aftershave since this may pose as a distraction during the interview.

Be Mentally Prepared

Another important aspect in job interview preparation is mental preparedness. It is vital that you know about the job and the company you are applying to. It is a big turn-off for an interviewer if it is obvious that an applicant does not know what they are getting themselves into. Reading and rereading the qualifications needed and the expected responsibilities of the job post is essential. Researching about the company’s background and history and the services or products offered is also important.

It is vital to think ahead of the answers to the possible questions that will be asked during the interview. The interview usually starts with “tell me about yourself”. Make sure your answer is short but sincere. You should start with mentioning your whole name, where you live, your educational background, your job experiences if there are any and your special skills and talents. Other common questions are “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” and “What makes you appropriate for this job?”. If you prepare for questions like this you will come across confident and not be at a loss of words. Every applicant will answer these questions differently and will be a major deciding factor for the company as to whom to hire.

During the interview:

Be on Time

A very important thing to remember when the big day comes is to ARRIVE ON TIME; or better yet, be early.

Be Cordial

You should immediately turn the cellphone ringer to silent as soon as you arrive at the venue. As soon as the interview starts, it is important that you utter a greeting of “good morning” or “good afternoon”, whatever the case may be.

Keep it Clear and Precise

During the interview, your answers to questions should be clear and precise. Be confident but not overbearing.

Ask Questions

Remember, you can ask questions and queries about the company. This can  show that you are really interested in the job. You should however prepare these questions beforehand because the time of the interview is limited. Staying focused on the things the interviewer says is vital so as not to make the mistake of asking questions that have already been discussed earlier.

After the interview:


After the interview, you should graciously thank the interviewer. Then evaluate on how the day went. Did I make a good impression? Did the interview make me want the job more or did it change my view on the company and the job? These are some of the questions you should ask after the interview.

Follow Up

If after 5 to 7 days the company has not contacted you, it is reasonable to call the company to follow-up on the status of the application.

It is natural to be nervous during interview day but with enough preparation, job interviews can be a breeze. Don’t you think that it is better to be prepared and leave a good impression than lose a good opportunity?

So, how have job interviews gone for you in the past? Any tricks to share?


How to Ace a Job Interview — 10 Comments

  1. Followup is key, Really really key. I had a job interview once and I got the job because apparently I was the only person who followed up a week later. Dumb reason to hire someone, I think, but hey, whatever works. Follow up people!

  2. I’m going to take all these tips into account. At my last job a friend recommended me and I didn’t have to go through any process or interview. While it was great then, now I have no idea what interviews are like… =/ scared out of my mind!!!but I am a positive person so that’s one step off the checklist. Thank you for sharing!

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