The 5 Dimensions to a Meaningful Life

The Dalai Lama describes the meaning of life this way – “…. the purpose of our existence is to seek happiness, to seek a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.” Striving for these things is part of living a meaningful life but it can be difficult finding ways to put it into action. Many people chase monetary … … Continue reading

How to Choose an Ethical/Green Financial Planner

Many people choose to use a financial planner for choosing and managing their financial portfolio, especially where investments are concerned. This is even more true for ethical investments given the additional effort and knowledge needed to thoroughly research companies during the screening process to assess their suitability and make sure that they match your ethical … … Continue reading

Basic Types of Car Insurance

There are many different types of car insurance policies, and even within the basic types, there are a ton of different “add-on” services that you can purchase.  Here is a quick overview of the three basic types of car insurance and what they cover for you and your vehicle. Liability Insurance Liability insurance is the most basic … … Continue reading