Go Green and Save Money by Using Free Online Calculators

Going green and saving money is easier said than done when going about it by yourself.  But while independence is critical in the successful mastering of money management and sustainability, that doesn’t mean you have to go about these efforts solo.  In fact, you can get assistance without having to pay for it in the form of tools and resources available on the World Wide Web.  As far as immediate usefulness goes, nothing beats online calculators in this regard.  If you’re serious about going green and saving money, then it’s probably a good idea you bookmark the following online calculators:

Retirement Calculator

Opting for a traditional IRA over other choices simply because it looks the best on paper is not a smart strategy in the long run.  The same amount of money you put into an account every month could potentially earn more in another form of savings.  Compare your options through a reliable retirement calculator before settling on one choice.

Household Budget Calculator

From the cost of your commute to the amount of money you spend monthly on alcohol and cigarettes, a household budget calculator can help you see your expenditures in a more long-term light.  While some of the results will be obvious, a few may turn out to be a bit shocking.

Home Energy Saver

Are you doing everything you can to reduce energy usage and increase sustainability?  You won’t know for sure until you take advantage of this home energy savings calculator.  After entering in your usage habits and costs, you’ll receive an itemized list of ways you can go about living a greener existence.

Credit Card Repayment Calculator

There is no shortage of credit card repayment calculators available online.  Instead of blindly making a minimum payment, use one of these calculators to uncover how much interest you’re going to wind up paying at such a rate.  Find the largest payment you can make a month, and stick with it.

Fuel Consumption Calculator

If you plan on being in the market for a new automobile this year, then it’s essential that you take the time to analyze fuel economy.  The price of petro is expected to climb to record levels this summer.  While fuel efficiency is important for the environment, it’s as beneficial to your budget as well.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

While this free tool won’t attach a cost analysis with its findings, the Nature Conservancy carbon footprint calculator is by far the best individual emissions estimator currently on the web.  It not only takes into account your energy usage habits, it even factors your diet into the equation, which is an oft-forgotten albeit incredibly large part of anyones carbon footprint.

While independently going green and improving personal finance is admirable, it’s not ideal considering how much free information and resources exist on the Internet.  As far as usefulness goes, nothing comes close to free calculators.  Available at all hours of the day and night, calculators can help you see savings and sustainability from a perspective you may otherwise have never bothered to examine.

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