How to Start Foreign Exchange (ForEx) Spread Betting

New traders across the world are discovering an alternative way to enter the markets. For novices, Forex (Foreign Exchange) spread betting UK wide has enabled them to get into trading without having to actually buy shares in companies, while at the same time potentially being able to make profits, even if the markets are falling. While … … Continue reading

Bottom Up Investing for a Diversified Portfolio

Ready to  build a portfolio from the ground up? Let’s get into bottom up investing. Bottom up investing is a way to research stock picks for your portfolio. Most people are already familiar with bottom up investing. It’s the type of investing and research that Warren Buffett does. It focuses on the idea that a … … Continue reading

Should You Line Dry Your Clothes?

Up through the 1950’s in America, most housewives lined dried their clothes.  Clothes dryers were around, but expensive.  Driving across America on a sunny summer day, you could see lines full of clothes swaying in the wind all along the way. Line drying clothing saves dryer cycles.  Some sources such as Laundry claim that you … … Continue reading