How to Build a Bird Feeder from Recycled Materials

Many people overlook the importance of feeding birds in winter. Winter can prove to be harsh for birds which increases their vulnerability and reduces their survival. Sufficient food is vital for them to make it to the next spring, literally. There are many ways to attract wild birds to your yard so that you can ensure they … … Continue reading

Buying a Home With the Help of Mortgage Insurance

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our culture’s tendency toward bigger, more expensive, better. It’s easy to spot in the little things; overbuying at the supermarket and then needing to throw food away, buying clothes that you never wear. But more significantly, it’s also prevalent in the big things; buying an enormous five-bedroom house … … Continue reading

Alternative and Sustainable Energy Sources: Biodiesel and Biomass Fuels

 What is Biomass? Biomass is the term given to the process of producing fuel by burning biological matter. Even though carbon dioxide, nitrogen and sulphur compounds are produced when using biomass fuels, these substances are not released in sufficient concentrations to affect the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. This makes biomass power an environmentally-friendly, green … … Continue reading