Accepting Social Invitations without Overspending

Hanging out with friends doesn’t need to be expensive, and you can still have a good deal of fun on the cheap. If you’ve previously been feeling that you need to decline social invitations because you don’t have the cash to fritter away, stop hiding away! Here are some tips for spending time with friends … … Continue reading

“Energy Efficient” Could Be Worse for the Environment

There’s no denying it—“going green” is what’s in style. From reusable grocery bags to energy saving appliances, everywhere you look there’s a new product designed to help conserve the environment. But while the intention is good, some of these alternatives can actually result in very thing consumers are trying to avoid: harm to the environment. … … Continue reading

How to Save Money on Water Costs

Cutting back on how much water you use doesn’t just do your wallet a favour – it’s also better for the environment. Using less water reduces the strain on bodies of water and conserves. Here are some tips for cutting your water consumption in the home. In General Switch to a water meter. If you don’t have … … Continue reading