I Took a Week Off…and Loved It

I know that my last post was all about how I started losing weight again, but I did end up taking a week off.  The week of the Financial Blogger Conference was extremely hectic, so I did set Weight Watchers aside for 7 days.  That led to me weighing in at 153 on Sunday, October 2nd – that is a gain of about 4 pounds.  But that is okay to me.

Making a Deal, Hitting the Mark, and Splurging on my Calorie Intake

My husband made a deal with me towards the middle part of September.  We decided that we’d celebrate any month that I was able to hit the $10,000 income mark after Paypal took its cut by going to my favorite restaurant.  September was already going well and I ended up hitting the mark by September 21st.  If you’re interested, the total came to about $12,000 by September 30th.

My favorite restaurant is Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse buffet that literally slices meat onto your plate anytime that you turn your coaster to the green side.  They have 15 different varieties of meat including top sirloin, filet, and leg of lamb.  They also have an amazing salad bar with rizzoto, artichoke hearts, hand-pressed mozzarella balls, mixed salads, and the best potato salad I’ve ever had in my life.  All of this is paired up with endless bread, mashed potatoes, and baked plantains (bananas).  It is amazing, $45 a person at night or $30 a person at lunch, and we go once a year on my birthday at the end of December usually.

But since I hit my goal, we ended up going as a date night on September 28th before my weekend away in Chicago.  It was delicious and we had a great time, but having all of my favorites probably did not help my weigh in.  I honestly don’t mind since I doubt this will become a regular thing, but if I do keep hitting that huge goal, we will be discussing a different reward.  I was just in the mood for Fogo de Chao and wanted a way of going before my birthday.

Food at the Financial Blogger Conference

I polished off my naughty week by going to Chicago for three days and hanging out with the other awesome personal finance geeks.  I kicked off the weekend on Friday with free pasta, free pizza, more free pizza and soda, and an evening of free desserts.  Saturday was all about pastries, corn bread, fajitas, and pizza again too.  Sunday wasn’t as calorically filled since I was heading out, but I did grab some more pastries and a yummy burger – the damage had been done.  I had fallen off the weight loss wagon pretty hard.  Again, I don’t mind much at all since it was a truly amazing weekend.

I am not saying that I should have gained 4 pounds in one week, but it was a fun week.  Bonding over pizza in a hotel room with other great bloggers was totally worth it.  I am now buckling down once again and hope my next update post to you has a more motivational weight loss tone.  Overall though, I think taking a week off once in a while may end up being a good thing since I did allow myself to have a great time with no guilt.  That makes my weight loss journey way more obtainable than saying that I’ll never allow myself to splurge ever again.

Do you ever allow yourself true weeks off the weight loss wagon?

This post was written by Crystal. 


I Took a Week Off…and Loved It — 12 Comments

  1. Congratulations on hitting the $12k mark, you deserved the splurge in calorie intake 😉

    watch out from repeating this feat as you might have to reward yourself in a different manner, how about a day at the spa?

  2. Taking a well deserved week off makes sense! Hopefully you came back full of energy!

    I really like milestone targets to hit then get rewarded for hitting them! Nice job!!!

  3. Sometimes it IS good to take some time off. I just took my fiancee to Texas De Brazil for our engagement celebration. I think it is a bit of a rip-off. We couldn’t barely consume $50 worth of food. ESPECIALLY after you get done with the buffet–the salads, sushi, and soup–you’re not even hungry for the meat! But it is an experience. My fiancee and I love to get off the diet train when we get to see eachother. It’s usually just for a weekend — but it is always worth it. It’s too hard to be strict during our dates!

  4. I never knew about this side of you, Crystal. It’s important to enjoy life and if you’re looking at weight loss, it should really be for health reasons. Otherwise, why worry?

    If you haven’t entered into my “In Defense of Food” giveaway, please stop by and do so. 🙂

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