Homeowners Guide – Will Smart Meters Benefit Your Family?

The smart meter is the “next generation of electric and gas meters.” While it may be new to Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Italy and the United States have been perfecting the technology for some time. Learning from their mistakes has been a real advantage and shortened the learning curve here. In fact, … … Continue reading

Look 3 Feet In Front Of You, Not 3 Miles

Outliers: The Story of Success is a non-fiction book written by Malcolm Gladwell. Throughout the book, Gladwell repeatedly mentions the “10,000-Hour Rule”, claiming that the key to success in any field is, to a large extent, a matter of practicing a specific task for a total of around 10,000 hours. That’s why it’s so important to … … Continue reading

Alternative and Sustainable Power Sources: Geothermal Power

What is Geothermal Power?  Geothermal power refers to the process of using steam or heat that is found trapped beneath the Earth’s surface, to manufacture energy. It is a viable form of alternative energy production compared to those that use fossil fuels; it is a sustainable option because the water is returned underground when it has … … Continue reading