When Buy & Hold Works and When It Doesn’t

This post was written by Tony. Simply put, buy and hold is an investment strategy that is favored by many investors. In case you don’t know what buy and hold is, here is an excerpt of its definition from one of my blog posts. Buy and hold is a long term stock market investment strategy where one buys into an investment … … Continue reading

How to Embrace a Sustainable Living Lifestyle

When you practise sustainability, you adopt a lifestyle that is termed sustainable living. This means that you incorporate strategies into your lifestyle that support the ideals of sustainability. There are many ways of describing this process and the terminology can be confusing, so let’s begin with a few definitions.  Definitions  According to Wikipedia, “sustainable living is a … … Continue reading

Investors are Playing a Game Where Those With More Experience Have the Upper Hand

This post was written by Tony. As the saying goes, investing is an old man’s game. Because with age, comes (hopefully) wisdom and experience. Lots of experience in playing the financial markets generally translates into an investment advantage. Here’s why. You’ve probably heard of “history repeats itself.” Truth is, it doesn’t. History, however, almost repeats itself. Young … … Continue reading