Losing Weight Again

This post was written by Crystal. 

I will admit that I was not doing well.  I strayed away from Weight Watchers, had some failed attempts at finding an accountability partner, and was moving up on the scale instead of down.  I had weighed in at 176 in January 2011 and was down to 145 at the end of June 2011.  Then I started going the wrong way.  On Sunday, September 11, 2011, I scared myself back onto the weight loss wagon.  I weighed in at 153.8 pounds.  Nope, I wasn’t having that again.

Walking Partner

The big step was meeting my new accountability partners, Sheila and her standard poodle, at the beginning of September.  We started walking every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning.  She even introduced me to a part of the park near my house that I didn’t even know about.  The trail winds all over the place, offers some different elevations, and keeping the standard poodle from chasing the squirrels is a work out in and of itself.  We are going onto our third week and I am very happy that Sheila has ended up being dependable and fun.  I hope she thinks the same of me.

Weight Watchers

The second step was to jump all the way back into the Weight Watchers Online program.  I signed up again on September 12, 2011, got four months for the price of three, and started being very strict.  I only used my given points each day and 14 of my 49 weekly extra points.  I usually use at least 30 of those.  By the end of the week, I hadn’t touched 35 food points and didn’t use any of the 10 points I had accumulated for exercise either.

Grocery Shopping

In order to stay on track with those points, I needed better food in the house.  I ran to the grocery store and stocked up on fruit and veggies so I would have some no point snacks.  I also bought another twelve Smart Ones frozen dinners so I could have some low point lunches.  My husband started grilling us up chicken and fish at night again and we paired them with no point green vegetables like green beans.   When we did eat out, we stuck with Subway, Chick-Fil-A, and I got low fat meat and steamed veggies in a chicken broth the one time we had Chinese.  In short, we got back on the higher fiber, lower fat diet that we were on before.

My Results

Drumroll please…on September 18, 2011, I weighed in at 149.8!!!  I lost 4 pounds in a single week!  And I never felt hungry at all.  Bananas, plums, grapes, and sugar free jello have become my friends again.  I have very small portions of desserts at the end of the day.  With those results, I am staying on the weight loss wagon and am aiming for 135 pounds by the end of November.  I may let loose a little for the holidays just to give you a warning, but I will hit it hard again in January 2012.

How have you done?  Have any great suggestions for great snacks that use fruits, vegetables, or no calorie options?


Losing Weight Again — 28 Comments

  1. Nice job 🙂

    I made a change to how I eat about a week ago, and while I haven’t yet lost enough weight to convince me it isn’t water, I feel a lot better. My new plan is basically to eat 5 small meals a day, instead of 3.

  2. friend who is a nutritionist told me to never exercise soley to lose weight. it’s best to lose weight through diet and exercise to be more healthy. so when i need to lose weight, i focus on the foods i eat and not as much on the types of exercises.

  3. Fruits are high in sugar, I’d be careful with how many I have. Try cutting out a lot of carbs – what works best for me (gaining weight) and my mom and dad (losing weight) is the same diet: 95% paleo.

  4. That’s awesome. Keep at it. My fiancee and I are on a hardcore diet as well. We’ve been on it for 2 weeks and we feel amazing. Only protein and veggies…and one fruit per day. In the gym everyday! We can’t wait to see the results!

  5. Nice job, you looked great at the Conference!

    I noticed that I was one of the few male bloggers that was in less than ideal shape, so I came home with new motivation.

  6. Oh, my— the never ending battle with the scale:( I have always been a “curvy”– (IE, not thin, but definitely not fat) girl…until I injured my knee about 2 years ago, ended up pretty much incapacitated and couldn’t walk— which is something I always loved to do—really packed on the pounds. Now, with an extra 50 or 60 pounds (that goodness I am really tall) getting way back on what I eat is necessary in addition to walking and all the other exercise I can get. You seem pretty happy with Weight Watchers Online– and I have a good friend who has lost almost 40 pounds using it, so I think I will check it out:) Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    • I am truly a big fan and am not affiliated with them in any way (haven’t even contacted them for adevertising yet, lol). As long as you follow the plan and stay within the points they assign you, it works.

  7. Hi Crystal,

    Great post! You should try going Paleo. It’s a real food diet, nothing processed, just real nutrient dense foods… no programs or books or special pre-made foods, it’s just super simple!

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