Great Ways To Save Money On Energy Bills At Home

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Did you know you can compare energy prices and save on your energy bills online! The cost of running a home has become much more expensive and most people are finding more and more of their income going towards household bills, particularly their energy bills. Electricity prices have rocketed but there are some things you can do to reduce your consumption and utility bill.

  • Firstly, you should shop around as you may not necessarily be with the least expensive energy provider. A quick search to compare energy prices could reveal a better deal is available on the market. Compare electricity prices and you could save yourself a noticeable amount of money every year by switching supplier.
  • Energy comparison is not the only thing you can do. There are some practical steps you can take every day in addition to energy comparison to ensure your bill is as low as possible. An obvious, but often forgotten solution is to ensure you turn off lights in rooms you are not using and turning off appliances like T.V’s and computers completely. Leaving electronic items on standby is a huge waste of energy.
  • It is reported that by 2020, 45% of the average households electricity bill will come from the use of computers and entertainment devices and so it is important you get in to the habit of developing energy saving tips. So, talk to all the members of your family and ask them to remember this simple rule. If you find it impossible to remember to turn off these items you can invest in a ‘Powersaver’, a device which automatically turns off the power supply to devices that have gone into standby mode.
  • Go around your house and replace all your old bulbs with energy efficient bulbs and any halogen spotlights with LED spotlights which are more energy efficient.
  • Another simple but effective way to save energy is to turn down your heating thermostat. Just turning your thermostat one degree can reduce your heating bill by 5%. Turn radiators down in rooms that are rarely used, or even turn them off completely. Also remember not to put your thermostat in a particularly cold or draughty area.
  • Clothes washing detergent has progressed so much you can now achieve the same results with your wash at lower temperatures. A thirty degree wash should be sufficient for most items of clothing and will cut down your energy costs.
  • As you replace your old white goods make sure you purchase those labelled as energy efficient. They may cost more initially but you can recoup your costs many times over in the saving you make.

By taking the time to compare gas and electricity prices to find the lowest cost provider and implementing these simple tips and you will be on your way to lower energy bills in no time!

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