Flaky Accountability Partners

This post was written by Crystal.

I have not done so well these past two weeks.  I didn’t keep up with my Weight Watchers points and I was stagnant.  I should be at about 146 pounds based on the schedule I’m on, but I weighed in at 150.2 instead.  That is obviously the wrong direction, so I am on the hunt for an accountability partner to walk with a couple of times a week.

Yahoo Meetup Groups

I usually use Yahoo Meetup groups to meet new people when I’m feeling extra social.  That is how my husband and I found our current board gaming group.  Well, I’ve been looking for people interested in exercising in my area, but the only groups I can find meet up at gyms.  I rather not pay $20-$50 a month for the privilege of using sweaty equipment and walking on a treadmill.  So I branched out to find a partner for motivation.

Posting on Craigslist

I met a great walking partner in the past on Craigslist, so I am trying that route again.  I posted the following ad in the community section:

Looking for a Walking Buddy – I Need an Accountability Partner!

Hi Everybody!

I am looking for an accountability partner – a dependable walking or exercise buddy. I will help you stay on track too. Honestly, I’ve changed my diet but NEED to walk or exercise in some way at least twice a week or more. If you are looking for someone to walk with regularly, please send me an email or call me to set up our schedule. I work from home and am very flexible with timing.  I live near the Willowbrook Mall.

Just let me know, thanks! If you are calling, please keep it between 10am-8pm.


I thought it was an easy to understand post, but I have only gotten three responses so far.  The first one sounded like a winner – a guy who just left the military and was looking for someone to walk with too.  But he lived about 40 minutes away and mysteriously stopped organizing a meet up when I mentioned I was married.  Oh well.

The second lady sounded very motivated and only lived about 30 minutes away, but she wanted to meet at a park that was 45 minutes away and would cost $5 roundtrip in tolls.  Ten minutes into the call she was telling me about her abusive husband who was currently working off shore and that she was trying to leave.  Between him and her trashy in-laws and step-kids, she sounded like she needed therapy more than a walking partner.  My lack of love for drama and toll roads has ended this line of thought.

On Sunday, the same day I am submitting this post to be placed, I received a text from another guy who only lived about 25 minutes away.  Even better, there is a great park between us, so we’ll supposedly be meeting there Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  I’ll let you know if it works out.

Exercising By Myself

Whether or not I can find a walking buddy, I have started exercising a little more on my own.  The 100 plus degree days make me prefer air conditioning, so I have been jogging up and down our stairs at home.  We’ll see if I can start going the right weight loss direction on weigh-in days.  By the next time I post here, I need to be at 145 pounds if I still want to hit 140 by September 30th.

How have you been doing on your exercise and weight loss goals?


Flaky Accountability Partners — 19 Comments

  1. Way to put yourself out there. I don’t think I am that willing to meet people via craigslist. There can be some creepy people. 🙂 I wasn’t necessarily doing this to lose weight, but I was biking to work during the summer months (I realize that this wouldn’t help you crystal since you work from home). Would it help to set up a routine? It’s hard at first, but can be beneficial. I always like setting a goal, so maybe sign up for a 5k and work toward that.

    • I actually weighed in at 153.8 last Sunday, freaked out, jumped back full tilt into Weight Watchers, and have been walking with a nice lady, Sheila, and her standard poodle every Tuesday-Thursday for the last two weeks (this post was written 3 weeks ago). I’m already down 2 pounds, so I am going back the right way. 🙂

  2. I think the best accountability partner you can have is yourself. When you rely on other people too often, you’re bound to fail because people will fail you one way or another.

  3. Ahh… great… here I am reading blogs instead of exercising again. Guilty! Well, I am doing better myself too… and you’re right, perhaps someone would help me stay motivated. Hmm… off to the next blog or exercise? Any ideas?

    • When I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, I felt like I was failing miserably again in the whole weight loss arena. I am now back on track, so my next post will be more chipper. 🙂

  4. Interesting post. I admire your attitude Crystal. That first guy was obviously looking for something else. Smart move for not connecting with the second. You will have a mental workout more than a physical. Hopefully third time’s a charm!

  5. If you are struggling to find an accountability partner, turn to your blog readers. I do with with my YouTube page by posting updates on my training for my first marathon.

    It is only 4 weeks way now, but each week I post a video about how things are going. Also, I post more daily updates on my FB page as well. These people all keep me motivated and accountable for attaining the goal I have set for myself.

    I am sure they will do the same for you. Good luck on the goal, but don’t try to lose the weight…LOSE THE WEIGHT!!!

  6. Took tai chi classes for years and now I can do it by myself. I do go to class about 4-5 times a year to see friends and also for the instructors to correct me on anything I may be doing wrong. I was never great at keeping up with exercise but once I found something I really enjoyed, I haven’t looked back.

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