What’s Sustainable Investing All About?

What Is Sustainable Investing? Sometimes referred to as ethical, socially conscious, or socially responsible investing, sustainable investing looks at mixing the social consciousness with the financial advantages of an investment.  In other words, it looks at how to support ideal practices in the world with an investment vehicle. The causes that may be supported can widely vary … … Continue reading

Globalization: Is it Bad for the Environment?

Defining the two major terms in our discussion will keep us in track with the issues involved because at first glance, globalization and environment appears to be unrelated.  How can enhanced global trading be hazardous to the environment? What is Globalization? Simply defined it is the process where constraints of distance and nation are minimized, allowing greater … … Continue reading

Things to Consider Before Investing in Real Estate

This post was written by Tony.  Real estate is a great investment, because as Teddy Roosovelt once said “you should buy land; they’ve stopped making it.” It’s a great uber-long term investment. But like any good investor, you need to realize a few important points before jumping into the often confusing real estate market. Real estate is … … Continue reading

Growth of Sustainable Finance to Support the Environment

Due to the recent financial crunch on the global platform, a majority of the investors from all over the world have realized the need for sustainable finance. Thankfully, a lot of companies have come forward to join this green agenda; green funds are fast becoming the new face of investments. Green investments are what the … … Continue reading