How Can I Be Eco-Friendly With a Credit Card?

Equating credit cards and being eco-friendly may seem like a stretch, but there are many options available for those who are environmentally conscious and carrying plastic. As a matter of fact, a credit card might be a better idea all the way around for the environment. There are many easy ways you can be eco-friendly with a credit card; all it takes are a few key decisions and instead of adding the the problem, you’re actually being a proactive solution. Here are some suggestions you might find useful:

It Starts With The Choice of Credit Card

Of course you’re looking for the lowest interest rate and the best terms for you financially. But in addition to that, you can also choose credit card offers which are affiliated with various environmental groups. A percentage of your purchase will then be donated to the group of your choice. Since you would be making these purchases anyway, and the percentage doesn’t come out of your pocket, it is a win-win scenario for both you and your group.

You can also opt for eco-rewards rather than credit card cashback deals; these points can also be awarded to the environmental group of your choosing. Points and rewards like this can really add up over time. To take this to another level, be aware of the company with whom you’re doing business, and choose a credit card lender that practices good green behavior and puts the environment first.

Save The Trees

Once  you have your card of choice, you have a couple more decisions to make. Do you really need a paper statement every month, or can you deal with an online paperless type? The obvious advantage is to save on paper – even though it is a renewable resource, it takes fifteen years for the average tree to mature and just a few minutes to chop it down. You can always print a statement if you really need it. While you’re in the mood to save a tree or two, consider using your credit or debit card in place of paper checks. They are much more convenient and environmentally friendly.

Every little bit helps when it comes to living green and trying to reduce waste and preserve our resources. Although most people don’t think of the little things you can do, it’s really the little things that will add up big dividends in the long run. Compare credit cards for financial benefits, sure, but you can also make an eco-friendly decision in conjunction with choosing a credit card and feel good about it while doing the environment a favor.

So what kind of credit cards do you have in your wallet? Are you going to try to be greener with your finances?


How Can I Be Eco-Friendly With a Credit Card? — 8 Comments

  1. We have just 1 CC that we use. Mrs. SPF keep an older one but we don’t get the invoices via mail for either.

    We do use a cash back card, and keep the cash, but we see PF as a balancing act – so we try to be green / sustainable in many other parts of our resource usage (and cost!) while not going overboard in every aspect of our lives.

    • @SPF. Good for you. Balance is key. We all need to start somewhere and you two are way ahead of the game compared to many others. For some, this post is the first step for them. Glad to hear the cash back card is working out well for you.

    • @ Jeff. We have used the airline points cards too. They are great for funding vacations. Eco credit cards are new so it might take some time before you can get one in your community.

    • @krantcents. Good for you on the paperless thing. That’s great. I too am excited about this smart phone payment thing. I really hope it takes off in Canada as quick as the USA. Plus I am keen to carry a lighter wallet around.

  2. I must admit, I’ve been struggling with the idea of going paperless! 🙁

    I like to track and compare my receipts to my statement each month, and I find that its harder to do with the online statement (because I can’t put a little “check mark” next to the receipt I’ve looked at).

    I know that the online statements will come though (and Canada Post wont’ be needed at all- lol).

    • @ Young and Thrifty. Love the Canada Post comment!! I can understand how this would be difficult. I too have a hard time with this. That is why we use Quicken and download our statements to it. That way we can match every receipt to what shows on the statement. You should try it.

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