Financial Pet Peeves

Guest Post Author Bio: The following are some thoughts along the lines of “Financial Pet Peeves”.  101 Centavos blogs about practical freedom, an unequal mix of personal finance, gardening, investing, career advice, cooking and yard sales. Instead of just one pet peeve, I suppose I have a menagerie of peeves, a whole peevery.  Top of the list though, … … Continue reading

Anatomy of the Financially Savvy Brain- Part 3

Anatomy of the Financially Savvy Brain is a 6 week series that will run every Thursday until April 7/11. The entire series can be found under Money Tips. Ever wonder what is actually happening inside our brains as we plan our money management strategies, bravely stave off impulse spending , and work towards that end goal of … … Continue reading

5 Ways to Be Greener

Guest Post Author Bio: This is a guest post from Little House in the Valley who blogs about saving money with a plan. Many of her posts share finance tips, little house plans, and tips to becoming more environmentally friendlier. A few years ago, I decided I wanted to reduce my consumption and live a … … Continue reading