How Can Thriftiness Become a Debt Relief Option?

Thriftiness is not an option but must be your essence of life. If you can base your life on the basis of frugal living, you can easily save a lot of money and get help with paying off your debt. Leave behind debt relief options. Thriftiness itself can become a self debt relief option and can help you save a lot of money. Here are some tips to try so that you can become money smart and debt free.


Ways to help you achieve a thrift life

You’ll be surprised to know that there are several ways you can manage to lead a frugal life without even giving it a lot of thought. If it’s a team effort along with your spouse and kids, life can really be a bed of roses. Take a look at how you can achieve the financial security that you desire:
Car-pooling and Exercising
There may be times when you can car pool and limit fuel costs. By doing this, you save the environment and money. The money you save can go towards paying off your debts. You can also leave your car behind and go shopping on foot. That way, you get time to exercise as well as save on the fuel costs. If your work place is nearby, you can even bicycle your way to the office.
Family Contribution
This is another way you can manage life thriftily and pay off your debts. Try to include your kids and spouse in your home management and you’ll see that you really have achieved more than you could have. Your spouse can help you in preparing home cooked meals. You can divide chores amongst your kids, saving you money on house cleaners. Housework is also an a great form exercise so you can save money on gym classes.
Fewer, the Better
You need to get into the habit of carrying fewer credit cards and paying cash for most items. If you have 2 to 3 cards and pay them regularly, your credit history will remain blemish free. However, if you are carrying interest every month, then your credit history and your finances will suffer.  Try to be money smart and buy only when you need and buy it with cash.
Mix and match your clothing and make use of everything you have. Use old clothes to cleaning cloths or turn them into table cloths. There may be a lot of small boxes that you get with small purchases. Turn them into jewelry boxes and use them as you feel. There are several ways you can make your own jewelry and have fun.
The three thrifty tips given above will surely help you if you can follow them. Work to pay off your debts fast and become frugal for life.



How Can Thriftiness Become a Debt Relief Option? — 5 Comments

  1. The last one means the most to me. Some times I feel like I have an arsenal of credit cards in my wallet. It seriously makes it feel like I am carrying around a mountain of money debt in my pocket. If I take them out and leave them at home, I don’t use them and usually forget about them. Good tips, thanks.

  2. Nice post Ryan. I wrote a little article a few days back on the same subject. I believe that someone left a comment about rain water being collected with a barrel. I really like that one. Also, I just interviewed the creator of Online TV Toolbox about how to do away with cable. I think it is another way to go green the less we have to use all the power and cables to power our tv’s. Check it out. Thanks Ryan.

  3. Thanks for your comments “The Fire Finder”. I read your stuff on Online TV Toolbox, and its really an eye opener. Lot of savings.

    Thanks to Miss T. as well for posting my article.

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