4 Tips for Getting Healthy

Obesity is a major problem in the lives of most people in the United States and Canada. A large percentage of the population is deemed to be overweight. Being overweight has been proven to increase the risks of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and hypertension. In order to decrease your risk of falling prey to health problems, you can make a few adjustments to your daily life.  Not only will you improve your health but you will also save money on medical bills. Follow these 4 tips to start living a more healthy and financially sound existence.

Eat healthy fruits and vegetables

This tip is incredibly simple and millions of people still struggle with it everyday. If you want to get healthy then you have to eat healthy. This seems difficult because there is a McDonald’s, KFC, and Taco Bell lurking around every corner. These restaurants may be fast food but they are also fast at adding dietary problems as well.

There are many long term benefits to eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean sources of protein. Fruits and vegetables provide your body with valuable vitamins and minerals that helps to improve your immune system. Lean sources of protein provide protein that the body needs to build and repair tissues. Eating healthy can help prevent later problems in life like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Drink plenty of water

Water is absolutely natural and has no artificial color, fillers, or additives. You can drink as much of it as you want and don’t have to worry about gaining weight. Water has zero calories and aids the body in helping to prevent dehydration. Water is great for preventing diseases and helping your body digest your food. Water also helps the body remove waste.

It’s a much better alternative than any other drink products. The problem with many juices and sodas is that they are very high in high fructose corn syrup and calories. This will add unnecessary calories to your diet and to your waist line. The next time you are feeling thirsty, reach for a glass of good ole refreshing H2O.

Get some exercise

The easiest thing in the world to do is lay on the couch, watch television and eat. It would be great if you could magically get in shape and remain healthy by being a couch potato. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way. In order to stay fit, you have to exercise. Thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day will keep you heart healthy and help you drop some extra pounds.

There are a ton of different options for getting in shape. You can go outside and jog around your neighborhood. You could buy a treadmill, exercise bike, or elliptical trainer and work out in your home. You always have the option of joining a gym and working out on the fitness equipment too.

Get plenty of sleep

Most people don’t know how important sleep is to the human body. A good night’s sleep helps to revitalize and reenergize the body so that it can perform its day to day functions. The body needs sleep to repair muscle tissue that was broken down during the day.  Most experts suggest that you get at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night. The minimal amount of sleep that you should ever get is at least 7 hours. Failing to get adequate sleep will result in chronic fatigue and your body will start to break down. A lack of sleep will put added stress on the body and can lead to long term health problems over time.

You see, getting healthy really isn’t that hard nor does it cost a lot of money. It just requires a few small changes to your current lifestyle. Your health is just as important as your wealth so do what you can to invest in it. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Have you made some recent changes to your lifestyle in order to live healthier? What have you done?


4 Tips for Getting Healthy — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks for the great tips Miss T. My wife and I are just getting situated in our new residence and I can’t wait to start living more healthily! I already drink a lot of water and get my share of sleep, but the exercise has been what I am lacking. Thanks for the motivation.

    • @ Derek You’re welcome. Remember you can ‘t be good at everything all of the time but you do the best you can. Life is life and sometimes we need to compromise for a little while. The key is though that we get back at things when we can.

  2. Stop smoking! Boy oh Boy do I feel better after 9 weeks being smoke free. Still a challenge however.

    One other note as you mentioned corn starch. Corn is in seemingly EVERYTHING processed. We are not meant to eat as much corn as we do.

    • @ Eliza The change in weather is going to be a big help for many of us. Getting outside in the bright sunshine and breathing in some fresh air really heals the soul.

  3. I love these tips. They are so simple in theory but can be exceptionally difficult in practice. I have been counting calories over the past five weeks limiting myself to 2,000 calories per day. As a result, I have lost 11 pounds. I do OK with exercise and am eating more vegetables now that I am watching calories. I still have Taco Bell and KFC but am going with grilled chicken, avoiding fries, and eating less at those places overall. I still need to work on sleep and water.

    • @ Optionsdude Sounds like you are doing great. You have made a fair amount of changes already and it looks like you are seeing the benefits. Remember change takes time and we should do it gradually. That way we stick with it. Congrats on what you have done so far and best of luck in the future. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I honestly can’t believe how much better I feel now that I’ve started going to the gym 2x a week. Added bonuses — it’s improved my sleep and my clothes fit better!

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