Why You Should Use Eco-Friendly and Natural Cleaners for Your Home

In many people’s homes, the cupboards are filled with a vast array of chemically-laden cleaners. What they are not aware of is the fact that many of these cleaners contain chemicals that can be damaging to their health as well as the environment. Instead of keeping their homes germ free and healthy, they are actually making it more toxic.

Many common household disinfectants contain something called ‘phenol’ or carbolic acid. This acid can attack the central nervous system, liver, spleen, kidneys, and pancreas.

Another chemical, one of the most dangerous, that is common in many households is oven cleaner. Many oven cleaners release fumes which affect the respiratory system. They also contain ammonia and lye which literally eat your skin. Instead, use baking soda and water. Sprinkle the baking soda in the oven and let it sit overnight. The next day, use a wet cloth and scrub the soda. This removes any brunt on grime you have. Then rinse with clean water and wipe to dry. This scrub not only does a wonderful job but it is chemical free, so it’s better for you and the environment.

Artificial air fresheners are another culprit. Many of them contain nerve deadening agents, which interfere with your sense of smell. Try using [amazon asin=B002RSEPAY&text=aromatherapy natural essential oils] instead. These are much safer and often smell better too.

After reading the above, you have to ask yourself, how can adding a load of these chemicals to our home environment be good for our health and cleanliness? Sure, you may kills some germs but you are slowly killing yourself too.

Using all natural, non-toxic cleaning products around your home is the best defense against dirt and grime, while keeping you safe and healthy, mother nature safe and healthy, and animals safe and healthy. Yes, many cleaning products are tested on animals before they are put on the shelf in stores for purchase.

Remember this though. Many companies claim to make natural products but always read the labels first. Make sure it reads only natural ingredients and doesn’t list any chemicals. It is best to buy from well known ethical and cruelty free companies.

Here is a list of companies your should avoid:

Companies that test on animals

Here is a list of companies that are safe:

Companies that don’t test on animals

So next time you go to buy cleaning products, make sure they are natural and safe. If you really want to be safe and save a few pennies at the same time, try making your own with these [amazon asin=1603420851&text=recipes]. This is what we do and we are extremely satisfied with the results.

So are your going to start cleaning green? I sure hope so.


Why You Should Use Eco-Friendly and Natural Cleaners for Your Home — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for the oven cleaner tip. I despise cleaning the oven due to the fumes on the chemical foam stuff.
    We have a “self cleaning” oven in our new place but I haven’t figured out how it works yet …

    • @SPF You’re welcome. We have a self cleaning oven too. It is pretty easy. You just hit the clean button and let it do it’s thing for a couple hours. I find it best to do it in the winter because it helps to heat the house. Mind as well use the energy twice if you can.

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