How to Become an Earth Friendly Consumer

According to Environmental Defense, North America is ranked as the number 1 contributor to global warming. Can you believe that? Sadly, I can. There are so many things that we as a society do on a daily basis that contribute to this problem.

We drive to work in cars that idle in long lines of traffic causing large amounts of pollution to enter the atmosphere. Our diet is made up of large quantities of meat which is produced by commercial farms, the largest greenhouse gas producer. We have become addicted to the term “antibacterial” and use hyper strong chemical pollutants to clean our homes. We threaten mother nature daily with our activities.

So what can you do? Well, today I want to share with you some tips on how you can change for the better; things you can do that help mother nature instead of threatening her.

  • Shop at eco-friendly businesses. Pay attention to the businesses you buy from. Do they recycle? Do they use recycled products? If you aren’t sure, ask. Businesses always take note of what customers ask so your question about greener practices could prompt some positive change.
  • Buy in bulk. Buy in bulk as many items as you can. This saves on packaging as well as transportation because larger amounts can be shipped in one load. It also limits your carbon footprint because you don’t have to drive to the store as often to buy a product.
  • Participate in local fundraisers. If there are organizations near you that are fundraising for a greener cause, participate in it. Donate $1 or $2 towards the cause. Every little bit adds up.
  • Support your local organic farmers. When summer hits, frequent the farmer’s markets regularly. You will find the healthiest and freshest food items there. Plus by buying local, you are cutting down on the carbon emissions produced by food transportation.
  • Eat a plant based diet. The largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions is commercial farming. By eating meat your are just supporting the demand for more. Instead, eat a plant based diet which is full of nutrients, anti-oxidants and is healthier for you and mother nature.  Here are some [amazon asin=0738213276&text=recipes] to get you started.
  • Use online banking. Pay your bills online and get your statements delivered to your email inbox. This saves on stamps, paper, fuel, and mail transport which not only is more eco friendly but it also saves your money.
  • Recycle, recycle, recycle.  There are so many items that go to waste and fill up the landfills. If you have items you aren’t using, recycle them or give them to someone who can reuse them. Also, be sure to buy recycled products like toilet paper. This helps preserve our planet’s trees.
  • Give green gifts. Instead of buying an item for someone that only contributes to the problem, go green and organic. How about buying your kid a bike they can ride to school or your wife some organic seeds she can grow in the garden that can feed the family. Or, buy gifts from organizations that donate proceeds to green causes.
  • Dress eco-friendly. Make sure to buy clothes that are made from organic materials such as [amazon asin=B001D7JPXM&text=organic cotton]. Now a days there are even biodegradable fabrics that are made from things like recycled plastic so your options are limitless.
  • Pass it on. One of the biggest ways to have influence is to tell people about your cause and set an example. If you find or make a green product you really like, tell your friends and families about it. Word of mouth can be huge. Heck you might even get enough to agree with you to lead to collective purchasing power.

You see, in order to be green, we need to be conscious consumers. We can’t just recycle our milk jugs but then go buy chemical house cleaners or synthetic fabrics. We need to make being green an all around approach to our daily living. Making changes like the ones listed above can lead to large positive changes as long as we stick with them.

So, are you an earth friendly consumer? How do you make a positive environmental impact in your life?


How to Become an Earth Friendly Consumer — 4 Comments

  1. I feel as though I am doing my best to go green but have realized how much more can be done. I do recycle, TRY to use eco-friendly cleaning products and I definitely do buy in bulk (good ol’costco) and I’m a vegetarian and am happy you have mentioned that commercial farming is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Maybe this might help everyone second guess their typical meat and potatoes/rice diets and convince them to eat a little more veggies and real organic products and not canned and frozen items that are contaminated with chemicals.

    • @ Betty I agree. I am a vegetarian as well and I too wish people would incorporate some healthier and greener foods into their diet. I am even working on transitioning to a full vegan diet because my passion is that great. We shop at Costco for some things in bulk. Others we buy at the local supermarket since Costco doesn’t carry them.

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