12 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

Are you satisfied with what you get done in a day? Do you actually make it to the bottom of your list? For me, nothing feels better than knowing that I accomplished what I needed to in a given day. Here are some things I have tried that can help you avoid distractions and become more productive.

  1. Wake up earlier. Most people find that in the early morning is when they are most productive. If you are up and moving around before others in the house, you have less distractions and therefore the ability to get more done. My husband and I rarely sleep in on the weekends because we find our days go much better when we start them off early.
  2. Set targets. Nothing is worse for productivity than not aiming at something. Make sure that you are clear about what is on your list and what you want to accomplish.
  3. Create an organized workspace. Make sure you have the tools you need and a comfortable environment. You will be able to focus better on the task at hand if you are prepared.
  4. Prioritize. To do lists can become endless if we don’t prioritize the things on them. Pick what are your top 5 must do’s for the day and get them done first.
  5. Celebrate your accomplishments. Remind yourself about what you have gotten done. Surrounding yourself with the things you have done is a great motivator and encourager.
  6. Upgrade your skills. If you have a task at hand that you are not sure how to tackle, take time to get the education you need. Don’t allow your current limitations to stop you from getting through what you need to. With the capabilities of the internet these days, knowledge is at your fingertips.
  7. Take advantage of time pockets. Time pockets are short bits of time that you have in between one event and the next, like waiting for a ride. Use this time to get something done off your list.
  8. Be accountable. Review what you have finished and what you haven’t and determine your game plan. When we know we are accountable for something, we are much more likely to actually do it since we don’t want to let ourselves or anyone else down.
  9. Set barriers. Give yourself barriers so that you can’t get pulled away from what you need to do. Avoid distractions like your cell phone and the TV. Turn them all off and focus. You will get the job done quicker.
  10. Get out of the house. Sometimes we need to remove ourselves from our regular surroundings in order to get productive. Coffee shops, parks, or the library are great for this. That small change of environment can make all the difference with some hard to focus on tasks.
  11. Be active. Make sure you are active every day. This could be a brisk walk at lunch or a trip to the gym. Exercise works great at clearing the mind and releasing tension which in turn refreshes us. When we are refreshed, we are more likely to be productive.
  12. Make time for fun. Remember, quality over quantity. It is how well you do something not how fast or how much of it. Take time to do the things you enjoy on a set schedule and reward yourself after a productive day.

So next time you are feeling drained and overwhelmed, try some of these tips. You might just find you are able to get done what you need to in a timely manner.

How do you stay focused? What are your tricks for being productive?


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  1. Good call on waking up earlier. I get up quite early and try to start my day in the office at 7am. There are no meetings, phone calls, emails or people to deal with so early that I get a lot done!

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