It’s Time to Start Dropping Your Love: Meet Jill

J$ from Budgets are Sexy along with is buddy Nate St. Pierre have created an amazing project called Love Drop. Love Drop is a micro-giving network of people who unite as a community to help one person or family a month. By subscribing to the team for as low as $1, they make it easy for their members to change lives in a fun and tangible way.

Each month J and Nate deliver a unique combination of unexpected financial gifts, personal encouragement and the support of local and online communities. The entire moment is captured on film.

This month they have teamed up with Kona Grill to help out Jill in Chicago. Click on the video below to hear her story.

How You Can Help

This project is all about coming up with creative and fun ways to make a difference for someone. Here’s what you can do to make our first Love Drop special for Jill and her family:

  • Join the team- Become a member by paying whatever you want. Even $1.00
  • Join our blogger network- Blog about our Love Drops once a month. It’s easy, it’s rewarding, and it REALLY helps spread the word (which in turn helps the families!) Love Drop will give you all the content you need.
  • Give the gift or provide a service- Gift cards, household goods, football cards/jerseys for the boys, web design services, pampering gifts for Jill, etc. (email all ideas/questions to team (at), and we’ll make it happen.

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