5 Ways to Save Money and the Planet at Work

How many of you work in an office? How many of you have to constantly submit a report update, a new draft, or an additional reply to a memo? How many times do you have to redo something you have already done? I am sure the amount is  far more times that any of us would like. Did you know that these simple acts of repetition can be costing the company thousands of dollars as well as increase their negative  impact on the environment? Here are 5 ways you can do your part at work to improve the budget and limit your impact:

  • Create a recycling program. Almost all kinds of office paper can be recycled. This is also true of plastic, aluminum, and cardboard. If your office doesn’t already recycle, contact your local recycling agency and find out what needs to be done to get started.
  • Use recycled products. There is no point in recycling if you don’t buy recycled products. Manufacturers of recycled goods need to be supported in order to stay in business. Everything from paper to envelopes to facial tissue can be bought in a recycled form. Next time you go to order supplies for your office, make sure to pick the green options.
  • Conserve paper. Find paperless ways to communicate. It’s funny, we live in a technological world and yet we seem to duplicate everything we do electronically on paper. Use email programs, the phone, and video conferencing to discuss items with people. Save your used paper for scrap notes instead of buying sticky notes.
  • Recycle old office equipment. When it comes time to replace those computers, cell phones, PDA’s and pagers, recycle them. Many local recycling companies and retailers, including Staples, offer easy programs for recycling equipment. If there isn’t one in your area see if you can donate them to a charity or to a half way house. This is way better than having them carried off to the dump.
  • Recycle empty ink and toner cartridges. Not only can you recycle equipment, but you can also recycle cartridges. Staples collects them and gives you $2 back in rewards.

So next time you are headed into the office, take a look around and see if there are ways you can cut costs and save the planet.

Does your workplace have a recycle programs? Is it popular with staff? How do you feel about being a part of one? Please share.


5 Ways to Save Money and the Planet at Work — 5 Comments

  1. Trying to go paperless has been more difficult than I thought. There are some things that I just prefer to have on paper in my own writing… perhaps, I don’t have all the tools to do everything that I need to do electronically. I think this can dramatically increase one’s effectiveness while being green 🙂

    • @ Watson Inc. Yes I find it frustrating too. Even in my own workplace it seems I don’t have all of tools I need to work effectively while being green. Hopefully businesses will eventually get on the band wagon and supply the tools people need.

  2. These are a lot of good ways to save money at work. It is easy to spend a lot of money on various work expenses. For me transportation and food are the biggest ones. I get lazy bringing packed lunches and end up getting fast food far too often. I think it helps a lot to try to make extra dinner so that you can bring leftovers for lunch without extra preparation. For the drive to work, you could also get a cash back credit card that gives extra cash back on gas. If your commute is pretty long, that savings can add up a lot.

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