Death in the Family

I won’t have a post for you today as we have had a death in the family and I have been a bit tight on time because of it. I am however, leaving you with this poem. If you are currently grieving right now or have lost someone around the holidays in the past, take comfort in these words:

Life is a fragile thing

And it can change within an instant

Nothing is safe from the effects of change

No person or possession we’re given

The only things we can hold forever

Are the memories in our hearts

The loves we share upon this earth

Before it comes our time to part

So choose a pathway that brings you joy

Take time for quiet moments each day

Appreciate the challenges that strengthen your soul

And the blessings God sends your way

Don’t let your heart be ruled by anger

It’s just not worth the stress

For the tumult will only expand in your heart

And crowd out happiness

Live each day with wonder and gratitude

For the beauty that surrounds you

And share your abundance generously

It’ll ensure future blessings will surround you

Meekly accept that life’s journey will include

Unexpected, soul-wrenching heartaches

That will bruise your soul and alter the course

You always imagined your life would take

And when that happens you’ll have the choice

To embrace hope or hopelessness

You can’t avoid grief, but you can refuse to accept

A lonely future of bitterness

So choose to be grateful for each moment

With the loved ones you’ve been given..


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