The Benefits of Being a Gardener

I’m sure that many of you have read the title to this post and assumed I am going to take about gardening. Well, it’s true, I am but not in the traditional sense. Today, I share with you how to be a “life gardener.”

Our lives are really our own personal gardens. We make decisions that result in outcomes. Some of these outcomes present as opportunities where others present as problems. Just a like a gardener, we reap what we sow. In order to have good things come our way in life, we need to be like a gardener and and plant the right seeds (make good decisions) and then nurture these seeds (opportunities) to fruition. Having the personal garden you desire is a purposeful act that’s realized through careful planning and daily attention. Life goals and personal dreams are very similar to this.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, face the fear of overcoming it. Take action or plant that seed (opportunity or solution). Here is an example. Lets say you are deep in debt and have been avoiding the situation. In fact, you have been avoiding the situation for so long that you now have creditors calling you. The non-gardener will continue to ignore the problem (the weeds) and thier garden will eventually be choked out and die. The gardener though, on the other hand, will take action. In this scenario, the action would be to call the creditor and see if you can compromise on a workable solution.

Here is another example. Lets say you have had a conflict with a close friend and there has been constant tension and -awkwardness since. The non-gardener would once again ignore the problem and would end up having their plants die. The gardener would plant a new seed and nurture it by reaching out to the friend with humility and genuinity and work to start a conversation.

You see, no matter what problems we face in life, we can always take action to fix them. We can also take action to seize any opportunity that comes our way too. All we need to do is work to be the best gardener we can be by giving our life goals and aspirations the daily attention that they need. That way, when something comes up unexpected, we can do the weeding, pruning, or planting that is required in a timely manner so that our gardens continue to thrive.

So, are you going to be a gardener too?


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