Frugal Beauty Tips from Grandma

My grandma is truly one of the most important people in my life. Not only has she helped me when the chips are down, she has also shared a plethora of tips on how to save money, look after your family, and essentially survive. Today, you get a chance to listen to my Grandma’s words of wisdom too as I share with you some great tips on how to save money on looking beautiful. And yes, you men listen to. As you have seen in magazines and on store shelves, beauty products are no longer just for the ladies.

  • Invest in the good stuff. If you have sensitive skin, don’t cheap out on low quality foundations or bases. If you do you will end spending twice as much on products to tame the reaction your skin has from using the cheap stuff.
  • Mix your bases with moisturizer. Not only does this help to hydrate your skin, it also stretches the bottle out to last longer because you will use less with each application.
  • Give your skin a rest. There are days, weekends for me, when I don’t put anything on my skin or face. We need to let our skin breath and be free of creams, gels, and make up sometimes. Not only is this a healthy approach but it also saves you money on products since you won’t use them as often.
  • Mix nail polish with remover. I have been doing this since I was a young teen. When a nail polish bottle gets to be half empty, drip in a few drops of remover. This will thin out the polish so it lasts longer. This also works well if you find a bottle of polish that has been left for a long time and it to thick to use.
  • Say no to the special lotions. You don’t need fancy expensive lotions to hydrate your skin. The marketing claims are for one purpose only and that is to suck you in to spending money. Simple, non expensive, basic lotions are all that you need.
  • Use multipurpose products. There are products out there that are labelled as all in one. Give them a try. You will save space and money.
  • Take advantage of offers. If there are certain products that you find work well and don’t irritate your skin, watch for deals on them. That way you can stock up when they are cheapest.

So , what other tips do you have to add to Grandma’s list? Please share.


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