8 Ways to Save Money on Clothes

With today’s society being so caught up with image and impressions, many of us get bogged down with always trying to look the part. It becomes a real challenge to be fashionable and respectable will trying to be frugal and financially responsible. I sure a lot of you can relate to this.

Well, in an an effort to reduce my shopping stress and save money, I have come up with 8 ways that I can save on clothes without sacrificing my image. Trust me they work. Give them a shot.

  • Always buy classics. Items like black dress pants and well fit jeans are items that never go out of style. No matter when you buy them they will last through multiple clothing eras. This is the same with colours such as black, white, gray, brown, and navy. These colours stand the test of time and always look sleek and professional.
  • Utilize charity shops. Your first reaction may be, “no way, the stuff is ancient”, but this is simply not true. You can find anything and everything at these places for low prices. Lots of wealthy people donate their last season clothes to charity stores so many carry up to date and classic fashions. Plus by shopping there, you are always giving towards a great cause. Your money gets you the clothes you need as well as donates.  A 2 for 1 deal.
  • Utilize flea markets and more. There are a ton of market areas in most cities that offer the opportunity to find interesting styles at discount prices.
  • Use army surplus stores. I remember shopping at these as a teenager. I could always get really well made boots for winter at a great price. These stores carry t-shirts, jumpers, and various bags. Hey you could even find a backpack for class or work there.
  • Host a clothing swap. Why not invite a few friends to swap some closet items. You will all get to enjoy wearing something new for no cost.
  • Utilize garage sales. These are a great place to find clothes for cheap. Lots of times people are getting rid of last years items like boots, coats, sweaters, etc. so you can stock up for the upcoming year. Plus you get to meet some of your neighbours.
  • Customize your existing clothes. Clothes are more versatile than you think. If there is a certain style you want, make it out of what you already own. You can roll up pants and sleeves or put some hems in.  You don’t always have to buy something new to look a certain way.
  • Have confidence and ignore others. As hard as this is to do, don’t think about what others think. Just be proud of you and your look and carry yourself with confidence. This not only removes the emphasis and pressure on your wardrobe but it also helps you make better decisions by having more confidence in yourself.

You see, looking great at work and socially doesn’t have to cost millions of dollars and numerours hours in the shopping malls. You just need to get creative.  So I invite you to go through your current wardrobe and challenge yourself to see how many new looks you can come up with and then wear them next week or try hosting a clothing swap before Christmas. Whatever you try out of this list, I promise will be rewarding and fun.

So, how do you save money on clothes? Please share.


8 Ways to Save Money on Clothes — 7 Comments

  1. People are very busy today and when you are looking for something and find it, you really want to thank the author – and this is what I am doing right now – Thanks!

  2. Great tips. I’ve been doing these as well. It’s amazing how many things you really don’t need that are already around the house. Don’t forget the list and if possible, don’t bring the kids. Use coupons too..

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