7 Ways to Save Money As New Parents

I don’t know about you, but every time I turn around someone I know is having a baby. It’s like there is something in the water. lol. I love it though. I love seeing how happy people are when that beautiful baby has arrived in their lives. I love seeing families pitch in and get closer while they help with the transition.

I am not a parent yet but I do make an effort to learn as much as I can about the subject. I really want to be as prepared as I can be when I become a mom. With that said, I have been thinking about a baby budget. How can we save some money before I get pregnant and how can we trim costs once the baby arrives. I have talked to some friends about this and they have shared some really great tips in the area of clothes. If you didn’t know, clothes are one of the biggest money suckers around. So here is what I learned. I found these tips helpful and I hope you do to.

  • Buy larger sizes. Don’t buy the size of clothes that fits your baby at that moment. Think big. Babies grow really fast so buy perfect fitting clothes are a waste of money. Instead buy a larger size. This will extend the amount of time your baby can wear them.
  • Think about the weather. When you are out shopping, don’t just focus on the size tag and your baby’s age. Think about the season that you will be in when you baby hits that age. This will help you buy clothes that will fit and be weather appropriate.
  • Stay simple. Don’t buy complicated outfits that have numerous buttons in several places just because you think it will be cute. When reality sets in and you have to change diapers, bath them, and feed them, you will find yourself frustrated with the ordeal of getting the outfit off. Instead, buy one piece items or two piece items that have snaps and zippers. They will be more user friendly and often cheaper.
  • Have a back up. Baby’s are full of surprises including when they will get an upset tummy or spit up. Always make sure to pack an extra outfit. That way you can clean up a mess in two quick shakes.
  • Take advantage of clearance racks. You can save a ton of money when shopping clearance racks. Almost all kids clothing stores have these and they are usually full of variety. If you are really patient, wait until there is a bonus sale. Then you can save even more on the already discounted merchandise.
  • Say yes to hand me downs. Like me, you probably have friends and family that want to give you baby clothes. Take them. Some of the items might even be new that their kid didn’t get a chance to wear. This will save you money and it will also stop things from going to waste.
  • Sell clothes online. Once your kid outgrows certain items, sell them online. This way you can get some of the money you spent back and you can now put it towards new clothes.

If getting the most bang for buck when it comes to baby clothes is important to you, then this post should help you accomplish this. Take these ideas with you the next time you go shopping. You will feel good about the clothes you are buying and you will save money.


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  1. I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of info that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this beneficial content.

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