How to Plan A Big Fat “Green” Wedding

We just found out last week that my sister in law got engaged. The whole family is really happy and excited.

Did you know that traditionally, with the exception of cars and homes, couples spend more on their wedding than on any other single expenditure? Are you getting married and finding the costs over whelming?  Well, if you are willing to step back from tradition just a little bit, the tips I share today will help  you cut costs and limit your carbon footprint on your wedding day.

  • If you are planning on getting married in soring, summer or fall, consider an outdoor ceremony at someone’s home or at a park. This will save you from using a commercial locale where high energy consumption may take place.
  • Pick a place close to home to save on transportation costs for you and your guests.
  • Send your “save the date” announcements and invitations by email. You can even create your own website or social forum that contains details about the wedding. If you need to print because your guests may not have internet access, then use 100% recycled paper with vegetable or soy based inks.
  • Consider buying invitations with seeds in them so that guests can plant them after the wedding. We did this with our wedding favours and everyone loved them.
  • For table settings, use reusable dishware, utensils, napkins, and glasses. If you can’t find these then try items made from cornstarch or sugar cane that can easily compost.
  • Use only organic bath and beauty products.
  • Instead of gifts, have guests provide gift certificates or a donation to charity.
  • Use eco-concious caterers who serve organic menus and locally grown foods. This will cut down on the transportation of the food as well as eliminate any pesticides.
  • If you don’t want to hire a caterer, try hosting a potluck. This allows guests to get involved in the food planning and take a part in your big day.
  • If you have left over food after the celebration, donate it to a food bank. They will be more than grateful.
  • Don’t use imported flowers. Instead, look for locally grown flowers that are in season and organically grown. If you have any kind of a green thumb, consider growing your own.
  • Decorate your wedding with fruit or potted plants that can last longer than just the day.
  • Use soy or beeswax candles to add a romatic setting.
  • For wedding attire, consider vintage or second hand items. Or buy something that is suitable for wearing again. This will max out your use and save your money.

Really, there are endless options to having a big fat green wedding that will fit anyone’s nudget. You just need to use your imagination and do a little research as to what is available in your area. By getting married the eco-friendly way, you help save our precious planet that we all cherish living on.

So, what other ideas do you have where couples can save money and protect the environment on their wedding day? Please share.

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