Carrots Instead of Chocolate?

I just read an announcement that 35 schools in my province will be selling vegetables to their friends and relatives instead of chocolate bars and candy. I had to re-read this again. I was shocked. I remember when I was in school going door to door fundraising with chocolate mints etc. Eventually people got sick of the chocolates and would stop buying. Not only that, it wasn’t the healthiest option either.

The other cool thing about this initiative is it is supporting local farmers. 40 family farms in the area will be supplying the vegetables for the schools. This is an awesome way to support the local economy and save on fuel and transport. It is a big step in the ‘go green’ direction which I am passionate about.

Students will pre-sell to different bundles of locally grown vegetables that will be delivered in recyclable shopping bags. One bundle contains carrots, onions and potatoes while the other will add parsnips and cabbage to the bundle.

I am definitely going to support these kids when they come knocking on my door.

What kind of things do your schools do to promote healthy green living to your kids?


Carrots Instead of Chocolate? — 4 Comments

  1. Interesting!! I find that hard to believe, but it’s a pretty cool idea to support local farmers. I’ll take chocolate any day though!! 🙂

  2. very nice n appreciating initiative
    to secure the health of the nation iz commendable n if encouraged globally
    will lead to a prosperous n healthy word

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