Manifest More Money Into Your Life-Step 7

“Manifest More Money Into Your Life in 7 Steps- Step 7 is the final  part of  a 7 week series that will ran every Tuesday until September 28, 2010.The entire series can be found under Money Tips.

7. Be Thankful.

Today’s post is the shortest of the series. It is quite simple. Be thankful. Don’t take for granted what you have.

No matter how much money we have, we need to be grateful and appreciate the money that we do have as well as the money that comes into our life. There are numerous countries around the world with people who can’t even afford to feed themselves. They couldn’t even dream about what some of our lives are like.

If we find ways to manifest more money into our life, even the small amounts of $10-20, they will add up over time. It can be likened to the snowball effect. Every little bit adds to the end result. Be thankful that you have abilities and strengths that can aid you in manifesting more money.

By being grateful, we allow ourselves to focus on the good things in life. We keep ourselves optomistic and constantly looking for the brighter picture. By seeing the bright picture, we up our chances of noticing opportunities that present where we can make more money or save some. This cycle will repeat itself over and over as long as we stay grateful. In the end the opportunities will add up, the snowball will be huge and you will have manifested more money into your life.

I hope you have enjoyed this series and that it has given you an answer on how to get out of debt and start heading on the road to financial freedom. Please don’t hesitate to share your thought and experiences. Myself as well as the other readers would be glad to share tips and tricks along the way.

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