Manifest More Money Into Your Life in 7 Steps- Step 5

“Manifest More Money Into Your Life in 7 Steps- Step 5 is part of  a 7 week series that will run every Tuesday until September 28, 2010.The entire series can be found under Money Tips.

5. Boost Your Income

The next best way to manifest more money into your life is to increase your income. With extra income you can save more, invest more, or make changes in your life like taking that dream job. Money brings opportunity.

Now some you might be thinking the obvious; I have to ask my boss for more hours. True, this could work, but there are numerous different ways you can increase your income without having to work more at your regular job. Here some creative ways that you can boost your monthly income and have fun while doing it:

  1. Start a home business. This could be anything from offering yard maintenance to meal prep for busy neighbours. The sky is your limit as far as your idea, you just need to make sure you complete all the preparation steps.
  2. Use your skills. Many of us throughout our careers have developed transferrable skills that we can use while outside of work. Take a moment to write down what you are good at how others could benefit from it. Who would you potential clients be, etc.? Skills such as computer building, writing, or photography are in demand and there may be opportunities out there for you that you just haven’t noticed.
  3. Sell your crap. This can be via a garage sale or using online mediums such as eBay or Craig’s list. Not only will you get to make some extra cash, you can also clean out your house. And trust me, this can be done on a regular basis, even monthly. No matter how hard we try, we still seem to accumulate extra stuff that we don’t need.
  4. Sit. Offer sitting services for pets, children or even houses. There is always someone in the neighbourhood that will be out of town and could potentially use help in looking after things while they are gone.

Remember, increasing your cash flow doesn’t have to be a hardship or a struggle. You just have to adjust your perception so that you can see opportunities when the arise.

So get your creative side flowing and start writing down some ways you can boost your income. Share them on this blog in the comments and keep us posted on revenues if you decide to give any of them a try.

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