Income Options When You Lose Your Job

A couple weeks ago I found out that a fellow blogger had been given ‘the slip’. They were now out of job and needed to look at new ways to provide for their family. This post got me thinking. What would I do if that same situation happened to me? What would my options be?

They did share that they had an adequate emergency fund saved and that they could get by for a few months which is great, but this is not what I got thinking about. I didn’t start evaluating our savings or the state of our current emergency fund. What I got I thinking about is what could I do to make money? What possible jobs could I do that wouldn’t take long to get or start. Here is what I came up with:

  • Landscaping. There are tons of people who love up kept yards and greenspace but find it a challenge to get the job done. I could offer simple landscaping services like raking leaves, mowing the lawn, planting flowers. All I would need to do is make a flyer and drop in mailboxes in the area.
  • Child care. Who isn’t looking for child care these days?! I could offer to take kids to school and pick them up. I could offer to drive them to their activities or watch them in an afternoon while parents get the grocery shopping done. Once again, I could make a flyer and drop in mailboxes. I would also want to get a few references from family and friends that I could pass on.
  • Personal assistant. PA’s exist because of the rich and wealthy. PA’s pretty much run around and do all of the menial tasks that really busy career people don’t have the time for. It could be dropping off dry cleaning, picking up groceries, etc. You are paid to run errands and help out. All I would need to do is make up some business cards and once again get a few references. Then I could put an ad up in some of the higher end and local businesses where potential clients frequent.
  • Dog walker. I do think it silly to own a pet and not have time for it but some people do so I could offer dog walking services. I get to be outside and bond with the cute little creatures.
  • House cleaner. The good thing about house cleaning is we all have to do it so we are all well trained in it. I could put flyers in mailboxes offering house cleaning services. I could even attach it to the landscaping ads and get clients for both.
  • Respite worker. A respite worker is someone who helps out foster parents on occasion. Foster parents get tired and need a break like any other parent so respite workers take kids into their care for a few days, usually ranging from 2-7 days. You are paid by the government for food and activities for the kids. You just have to provide them a safe haven and treat them like you would your own kid. Not only would this job feel rewarding, it also works towards the common good. Where I live it would entail an application process but the wait might be worth it. It could even serve as a side hustle down the road.
  • Freelance writer. I can’t be a blogger and not suggest the option of writing. Although I haven’t made any money from this blog yet, there are plenty of places looking for people who have time to write articles. I would just need to apply and send some examples.

This post may seem like a burst thought bubble from my head that has rambled on but I really think these are helpful options that could help any of us with paying the bills in the loss of a job. I hope you have found these ideas thought provoking and they have gotten you to start thinking about what you could do if tomorrow you no longer have a job.

What are your ideas? Please share.

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