Financial Lessons From Training for a Marathon- Part 4

Financial Lessons From Training for a Marathon- Part 4 is the final part of  a 4 week series that ran every Wednesday until September 22, 2010. The entire series can be found under Money Tips. I do hope you have enjoyed the series and found it helpful.

Lesson 7: Keep the Flow

I remember when I first started to run I would hear other runners talk about ‘the flow.’ I didn’t know what they meant at the time. It was foreign to me. I knew what it meant intellectually but I couldn’t relate to knowing it physically.

The flow is likened to a unique state of concentration; a state where the action you are engaged in seems effortless. You are totally absorbed by the moment or the activity; almost in a subconcious state. Being in this state allows us to be focused but yet relaxed and comfortable.

For me, I got into the flow during my marathon. There was a point in the race where running became very automatic. I didn’t think about my sore legs or that it hurt to walk. I was in the flow. My running became effortless. I was able to focus on the run and the goal of finishing without too much trouble. Getting the flow has proven invaluable in my life, not just for my running. It has helped me in my career and with my finances. The flow has helped stay focused on my long term financial goals and not get distracted with different options. The same can be true for you. You can manifest more money into your life by getting into the flow of automatic saving, budgeting, and living green. Here are the steps on how to find your flow:

  • Pick a challenge. Pick something that doesn’t come easy but that isn’t so hard that you will get discouraged. Let’s say limiting your grocery budget to $300 a month for example.
  • Focus on the task. Stay engaged in the moment or the goal. Don’t allow yourself to concentrate on how you are doing, just concentrate on continuing to move forward. Doing this repeatedly will get you into the flow. Once you are in the flow, you will know it because you will no longer feel like you are being challenged.

Remember, we all have to start from somewhere and that good things take time. Work on trying to find your flow. I promise you it will be one of your most powerful tools for success.

Lesson 8: Mind over Matter

I can sum this last lesson up with this. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to. If you really want to do something or experience something, you can. Whether it be to retire early, pay cash for your child’s education, or own your house by 30, you can get there.  Nothing is stopping you. All you need to do is prepare yourself appropriately with the right tools and activities. You need to believe in yourself and the challenge at hand. Let your mind and inner strength be your pillar and let it guide you through. That’s what I did and it resulted in me completing the 4th hardest marathon course in the world in my first year of running. Manifest your mind and find your flow and you will secure yourself financial freedom.

I hope you have enjoyed this series and I encourage you all to leave comments and feedback. They will help me in planning future series. Thanks for reading.

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